So Many Stars

“Captain?” she asked me
as the figure pointed past,
the gesture a kind thing,
radiant tendrils for a face,
slivers of silver vibrating,
singing, and we, hearing for
the first time, stood in awe.

Some knelt, others stood,
some backed farther off
as I knew they would
from the brilliant visage,
beautiful yet aberrant,
while I held my ground,
transfixed, willful in my
deference, or arrogance.

The Lieutenant chose to
stay, humming an old
childhood tune to keep calm.
Our stranger suddenly
matched her pitch, her tone,
and her eyes, they widened,
bearing witness to something
beyond our perception.

“Sir, it’s trying to teach us.”

“Do you understand it?”

She smiled, “Yes,
far from here, another when,
and there were more like it,
gone now, so alone…”

Tears streaming down her chin,
I ask her what it’s saying again,
taking it in, her stare a million
miles and leagues away, by far.

"So many stars….so, so many stars.”