Write To Money, Change Your Life:

Since the day you have wanted something outside of yourself, you have had a relationship with this person. You have heard lot’s of rumours about this person, and you’ve believed most of them. Every one in the world has probably mistreated this person once in their lifetime. And yet this person is still willing and wanting to support you, even when no else does. Are you curious about who that person is? It is money! Money is not the notes in your wallet. That is paper/plastic made in factories. Money is an idea. Money is energy.
Your relationship to money is one of the most important and special relationships you will have in this lifetime.

When you have a poor relationship to money, some symptoms will show such as;
1. Lack of money
2. Mistreating money e.g. wasting it or giving away too much
3. Money finishes too fast
4. You’re too used to checking the price of an item
5. You think if something is over a certain price, then it’s for “rich” people
6. You think money is something you have to “get” or chase.
7. You think you have to work long hard hours to get money
8. If you spend money, you think you have less as a result

When you have a healthy relationship with money; here are the positive symptoms you will experience:
1. Money comes to you from multiple places
2. Money seems to always be there. Maybe not millions, but more than enough
3. You care about money the way it cares about you
4. You choose your purchases based on what serves your needs best (it may be £50 or it may be £5)
5. You know anything in the world could be yours. And you’re at ease having it or not.
6. You know money chases you, not the other way around.
7. You appreciate money because it lets you express your unique self
8. You know money needs to circulate. To hold onto it is to kill it. So you spend comfortable and within your means. You know when you buy something you need, that more money will find you soon enough.

How do you get to the healthy relationship state? Write a letter to money. You will need 30 minutes alone and undistracted.

The letter:
1. State your intention. “Dear Money, I am writing this letter because I want to invite you into my life.”
2. Be honest about the times you have mistreated money. Don’t feel bad about it, you didn’t know better. It’s not about blame. It’s just about honesty. “I know there were a few times where I could have looked after you more such as __. I know better now, so I will do better.
3. Realize money will help you express yourself in this life - and give thanks for that. "I know that I can be, do or have any noble desire in the world. If I want something for my family, for myself, then I know I can have that. And it’s you - money - who makes that possible. If I want a bigger home for my family, or I want to take a new hobby, or start a business I believe in, it’s your support that’s going to help manifest it!”
4. Make some promises: “I promise to be open to receiving you, I will not put a limit on how much money I feel I can earn. I promise to save and spend you well. I promise to expect your support to do only good in my life.
5. Ask: "Money, show me you can hear this. Be here for me as and when I need you. Surprise me, find me in unique ways. You know where I am. Sincerely, [your name].

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