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Williamsport, Pennsylvania, USA by Lucia
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Victorian houses on Millionaires’ Row


Makana Villa (Discovery Bay, Jamaica) is a luxurious beachfront villa and a stunning new addition to Millionaires’ Row in picturesque Discovery Bay. This fabulous luxury villa Jamaica has its own private cove and sandy beach for the exclusive use of its guests. An epitome of luxury, the fabulous 6 bedroom mansion offers over 9,600 sq. foot of luxury, white sandy beachfront, prestigious Discovery Bay, infinity pool, hot tub Jacuzzi, private gym and tennis court! The deluxe interiors will make a memorable vacation in Jamaica!

The Jamaica villa is appropriately named ‘Makana’, which in Hawaiian means special gift or reward. The moment that guests arrive at the gates of this spectacular deluxe waterfront villa, they start enjoying the luxuries of this magnificent beachfront mansion. Makana Villa has been built on a theme incorporating fishponds and lilies that runs through this home, while its stunning architecture displays creativity throughout this deluxe beachfront villa in Jamaica.

Makana Villa has a magnificent large private 16’ x 36’ infinity edge swimming pool, outdoor hot tub and expansive pool deck. Adventurous guests will enjoy the complimentary sea kayaks and snorkelling equipment. Take a kayak ride out in this beautiful Discovery bay, one of Jamaica’s most picturesque, with the blue azures of the Caribbean Sea and the hills which look majestically over this beautiful bay. For the tennis enthusiast, there is a brand new tennis court with lights for night play.

This luxury mansion will make a memorable vacation in Jamaica….Imagine a vacation with total pampering…you will not want to leave Makana!

Here’s an idea

What if Isaac grew up in a museum? Like, Addams family style? 

We know Isaac has a very broad, disjointed knowledge of very specific trivia and historical stories. Imagine a little kid growing up playing pretend around the exhibits, learning to read off the plaques and making up stories about how the princes in the Story of the Four Kingdoms faced off with Billy the Kid (and regaling an impressed equally smol Miria with his knowledge!)

We also know he grew up in a house reminiscent of a mansion on Millionaire Row. Think of a museum really fast- lots of marble, broad staircases and high ceilings. Sounds pretty mansion-y to me!

(I haven’t read the novels past the anime, so it might not hold up but it’s a good theory so far)