HOLY SHIT GIRLS! You need to get your asses to the Maxim party next year!!! It was freaking sugar daddy GALORE!

I got invited by some gfs and I went. The most expensive table was $50,000 and the cheapest table was $10,000. If you’re a guy you have to be someone important or rich to attend this party. Floyd Mayweather, DJ Khalid, Jamie Fox and a bunch of other celebrities were there. You can just smell the money when you walk in.

Tonight I got invited to Jamie Fox’s house party for the BET event. My friend that treated us to Roku, SLS, and Waldorf Astoria invited us. I seriously love this guy. I wanna buy him a gift.

My billionaire messaged me again tell me that he loves me. He really wants to marry me. I asked him for $10,000 and a $14,000 Hermes Birkin bag. We’ll see if he comes through. He’s going to Hong Kong on a business trip and will be back.

I have cancelled all my online dating accounts. I have enough money for my bills and enough guys taking care of me. I hate it but my bf really has my heart and its hard for me to date other guys. Like that guy offered me $8000 to go to Chicago and I don’t want to leave my bf for the weekend. I go to all these events with rich guys and no one looks good to me. Maybe if someone buys me a car or something big but I’m just not interested in anyone.

I’m still keeping an open mind. I’ll go to the highest bidder 😂

Also girls are asking me how do I dress… it’s so crazy because I wear full hair and make up when I go out with my gfs. But I’m seriously in yoga clothes and no make up I’m front of my guys. I do however always have perfect hair & nails, eyelash extensions, eyebrows tattooed, really good skin because I use Sisley, and wear designer yoga clothes. We are at a different stage in our relationship. I wouldn’t advise this for the first date. But my bf and my guys don’t care if I go to Nobu in yoga clothes and no make up. They’re ok with that. I try not to wear make up during the day to give my skin a break. But when I do wear make up and hair during the day and dress up I notice I get hit on more.

Ok girls. Listen up….

I don’t know why you care how much your POT is worth, how much does he make, or what his occupation is. You need to be concentrating on HOW MUCH HE SPENDS ON YOU/HOW MUCH ALLOWANCE HES GIVING YOU.

I dated a billionaire and all he did was buy me food and waste my time. Don’t get stuck in this. Spenders will spend! They won’t “wait” to buy you stuff. Those guys are LIARS! Guys are either generous or not.

I also dated a guy that made $150k but gave me $5k a month. He doesn’t have a fancy job. He actually drives a Honda Civic!

I seriously am so annoyed with these guys in Ferraris and they get mad when you ask for gifts. “WHAT KIND OF GIRL DID YOU THINK YOU WOULD ATTRACT WITH THIS CAR YOU IDIOT!!!”

Then there’s guys like my bf… he has a lot of nice cars, $3M in watches and he loves to spoil his women. He’s a unicorn I get it but there’s more out there! Keep looking. I promise you he’s not the only one.

So stop wasting your time and only concentrate on guys that spend money on you!! Make them spend lots of money on you every time you go out so he’s invested in you. My nail lady told me my bf will never leave me because he’s already spend so much money on me he’s invested in me.

I once had this guy buy me 2 ugly ass dresses that I knew were marked too high. I had him buy it so he gets used to spending money on me. He knows if he wants to see me he better bring his wallet. We ate $500 meals every night and Uber Lux everywhere. He spend over $2000 a day on me, every date and treated all my friends too.

Wake up girls. If you have a guy that’s asking you for nudes and not giving you money you need to drop his ass. You’re just fucking an old dude… he ain’t no sugar daddy.