At first glace, Pando Forest in Utah, United States looks like a regular forest of aspen trees; in fact, they are regular - except for the fact that they’re all genetically identical to one another.

Though it looks like a forest, the whole thing is actually a single organism. Every tree — or stem, technically — is genetically identical, and the whole forest is linked by a single root system. Pando’s aspens reproduce asexually by sprouting new stems from the root structure.With over 40,000 stems and a weight of 13 million pounds, the Pando clonal colony is the heaviest known organism in the world. It’s also among the oldest living things on the planet — the root system is an estimated 80,000 years old.


What the .....?

So you’ve got a spare 5 million and you don’t know what to do with it. You could give it to charity, or you could buy a huge house abroad; some people would buy some rare vintage car, or save parts of the Amazon, but instead if all that bores you then you could always spend 5 million and spunk it across this limited edition iPad2 made from sweet, sweet Ammolite and Tyrannosaurus rex bone.

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Take me on this £1,000,000 cruise. Please?

Million Pound Cruise - The World’s Ultimate Luxury Cruise Holiday

The ultimate cruise holiday has been unveiled - with a whopping £1 million price tag per couple. The UK’s leading luxury cruise retailer, has created the world’s most luxurious 124 day vacation, which carries a huge price tag of £8,000 per day.

The exclusive four-month voyage has been specifically designed for discerning holidaymakers who love to live the high life - and have deep pockets to match. The mammoth cruise holiday departs in Los Angeles and includes visits to 28 countries including French Polynesia, New Zealand, Malaysia, the Maldives and Mauritius.

The epic trip has every last detail catered for, and begins when the holidaymaker is picked up from their home by Sikorsky helicopter. As they fly to a London airport they will feast on Beluga Caviar priced at a staggering £4,000 per kilogram, sip on Da Hong Pao Tea harvested from one thousand year old plants that are so rare that they cost over £2,000 per kilogram. During their flight, they will also sip on the king of all champagnes, Dom Perignon Rosé.

The holidaymakers will then fly to and from the USA via private charter in a Boeing Business Jet. At over 1,000 square feet in size jet cost an incredible $30 million to build and features mahogany panelling and gold-plated fixtures with an interior which would rival any millionaire’s home. There is also a spacious lounge and bedroom and even a dining room personally serviced by a top Michelin star chef who will create a bespoke 10 course tasting menu for both the outbound and inbound lights. The transfers whilst in the USA are equally as glamorous - a chauffeur driven ride in a Rolls Royce Phantom. Holiday makers who can afford the “cruise of a lifetime” will stay in the sumptuous Royal Suite onboard the ’Silver Whisper’, part of the luxurious Silversea Cruises portfolio of luxury vessels. Described as ‘commanding and majestic’ the suite includes two bedrooms over 1,000 sq ft, two marbled bathrooms, separate dining area and bar and two spacious verandas.

The extravagant package also includes a 4 night pre-cruise stay in the top suite of the exclusive Beverley Wilshire Hotel in Beverley Hills, LA, and a 4 night post cruise stay in a £7,300 a night apartment set in the exclusive, gated community on Sunset Island, Miami, Florida, in case the holidaymakers have not fully unwound after their voyage around the world. The spacious villa in Florida features a rooftop Jacuzzi, in-home Cinema plus a dedicated butler. Despite economic uncertainty in Europe, company Director Mal Barritt believes that this holiday will be a hit with customers. He said: “We have listened to what some of our most discerning customers say they look for in a holiday and have created the most desirable cruise holiday in the world.”

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How We Save Movies — ART & SCIENCE
25 ways the Academy Film Archive has made an impact in the past 25 years.
By The Academy

In 1991, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences made a decision that impacted the entire history of film.

That year, we formally established our Academy Film Archive with a mission to preserve, restore, document, exhibit, and study the art of motion pictures.

Originally founded with just three staff members, the Archive has grown to include more than 30 archival professionals who manage a collection of more than 190,000 inventoried items from 2,000 separate sources.

It’s also supported more than 100 internships, enriching the film archival community and serving as a steward for nearly 1 million pounds of film.

In celebration of its 25th anniversary, here are 25 things you should know about the Archive, its work, and its impact on motion pictures.