million movie project

See now look what people have done. Seriously guys, are we that immature? Obviously 🙄 He shouldn’t have to apologize for anything. His message wasn’t negative in the slightest. I get people are offended but I don’t see how. He wants peace and honestly a lot of us do. He’s not to blame. Don’t lash out at him. I support his message. He’s a good man guys. Don’t lash out at him. It pisses me off that when someone wants to help in light of a terrible situation, people want to throw hissy fits.

He voiced his opinion and it was a positive one. And if you didn’t like what he had to say, why tweet at him? Just bypass what he said. Lashing out at the guy is inexcusable and very very immature. I now understand why he doesn’t like social media. People are extremely rude and judgmental. We get it your mad, but don’t take it out on a peaceful guy like Tyler. I support your message Tyler and will help defend you at all costs.

Oh and I hate when people want to say that he’s privileged. What because he’s white? Because he’s an actor? Because he has money? Why do people have to assume that celebrities didn’t struggle to get to where they are. Everyone has to struggle. Last time I checked he’s just as hard-working as everyone else. He’s done some good in the world as well. Plus I don’t see his name tagged with any multi million dollar movies or projects coming up. So how is he privileged? As far as I’m concerned he’s just like us. His race has NOTHING to do with it. And the more we keep playing the race card the more divided everything is going to get. He worked hard to get to where he is and he’s not finished yet. So enough with the privileged B.S. Once again, please don’t come at me like you’re crazy. No negativity on my post. If you don’t like what I have to say, ignore this and move on. But LEAVE TYLER HOECHLIN ALONE!!! #IsupportTyler2016

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