hiiii guys!!! so this month old blog reached a personal goal of mine of 100 last night so i decided to make my first follow forever!!!! i want to firstly thank all of you for putting up with me n my blog! i want to know how i tricked all of you into following me :// this past june n july, ive gained so many new friends n have followed the most amazing blogs! thank you for following me n to the blogs i follow, thank you for making your blog, theyre honest to god great! i love you guys!!!!

below the cut are almost all of the blogs i follow (which is around 200) because you guys are just so amazing n wow i love you!!! :(((

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Y luego durante el día la luna picara se escondía, Ella siempre con cuidado, lo mantiene enamorado, Luna Astuta donde has estado, Ella contestaba siempre a Tu lado.

❤ Isaac Vásquez


[Alfred was an adult. Definitely some kind of adult. That’s why he’s crouched in the bushes across from Arthur’s doorstep with his phone camera at the ready. Because a normal adult reaction to being embarrassed is rigging up a bucket of old iced tea over the offender’s door. Ready to splash sweet and delicious justice all over that stupid asshole head of his. And then put it on Youtube.]