Johnny Depp Lists His French Estate for $26 Million

The sale includes the actor’s furniture, books, art and other personal items. The property is a former village with more than a dozen buildings. Depp did his own decorating, and the sale includes a wine cellar with a Pirates of the Caribbean motif, a half pipe, 3 acres of grape vines, a church converted into a guest house, a 65-foot long pool with sand and beach bar, a second pool, several guest cottages, a restaurant, a town square, as well as a covered wagon that Mr. Depp outfitted with a bathroom and kitchen.

Price: $26 Million


New Video: Tink - Million

Tink is about to be a whole problem ok! I’m so ready for her album. Every song she puts out I fall in love with her talent. She’s so hungry for it you can’t do nothing but respect her. She definitely has staying power.


~My Thursday~
● got my exam result, yassss
● the eternal denim dilemma- if it fits my thighs it doesn’t fit my waist
● ootd & associated selfie
● quality snapchat yarns
● afternoon walk with Seany-poo
● I resisted the lure of fries and just had a chicken salad for dinner