SDCC Trailer Breakdown

I’m sure other people have already gotten to a lot of this, but there’s so much out there right now that I thought it would be helpful to have it all in one place. Below the cut, I’ll break down the scenes in the trailer and discuss locations, characters, costumes, episodes, etc. and what those tell us about each other. In some cases that isn’t much, but we do what we can. My main goal is to just tie what we see in the trailer to what we know from setlock, not to speculate on the plot/what it possibly means in the larger context of the show. It’s meant more as a resource for that kind of speculation, rather than being a source of it. That doesn’t mean that what’s below isn’t potentially spoilery, however, so if you’re looking to avoid that, you’d be better off not reading this.

(Fair warning that this post is very picture heavy and very long, which is why it’s under a cut.)

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hiiii guys!!! so this month old blog reached a personal goal of mine of 100 last night so i decided to make my first follow forever!!!! i want to firstly thank all of you for putting up with me n my blog! i want to know how i tricked all of you into following me :// this past june n july, ive gained so many new friends n have followed the most amazing blogs! thank you for following me n to the blogs i follow, thank you for making your blog, theyre honest to god great! i love you guys!!!!

below the cut are almost all of the blogs i follow (which is around 200) because you guys are just so amazing n wow i love you!!! :(((

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[Alfred was an adult. Definitely some kind of adult. That’s why he’s crouched in the bushes across from Arthur’s doorstep with his phone camera at the ready. Because a normal adult reaction to being embarrassed is rigging up a bucket of old iced tea over the offender’s door. Ready to splash sweet and delicious justice all over that stupid asshole head of his. And then put it on Youtube.]