Just completed “Miss Whippy” (as seen on Hand blocked, backed with tiger print satin and attaches with a comb and hat elastic. This baby is off to my 1st ever stockist in Japan ^.^ not bad for a little nobody in the middle of nowhere 😊💘 #milliner #millinery #glitter #kawaii #hat #icecream #cute #fascinator #pearlsandswine #hats #headwear #quirky #fun #love

Day 14 of Goth Challenge

What was your best and worst DIY disaster?

My worst DIY days were so long ago that I don’t have any photos of any of the disasters but I once made this long tube skirt with buckles. It was kind of okay, but it was so tight I could barely walk in it.

I don’t know if these count as DIY since I’m a trained milliner, but these are some of the best things I’ve made so far:

50 Years Ago This Week in Rockland: HEADS FIRST
(Photo by Warren Inglese)

Excerpt from The Journal News, Week of February 8 - 14, 1966

“Planning a hat show for the benefit of the restoration fund for Central Presbyterian Church Haverstraw, are Mrs. Carl Haunapple, Mrs. Norman Cochrane, committee chairman, Mrs. Heinz Schiller, and Mrs. Harold Mann. The show, slated for 8pm Feb. 13, in the church hall will feature hats from Chapeax Services, Inc.”

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Make : Cate Havstad
Film : The Handmade Movement


Making the brim of this hat! I carefully sewed the blue fabric for the top of the hat to cover the frame and fold under. Then I gathered the white ruffle of the bottom, tucked the ended under and stitched it down. I’m now attaching the lace border though I’m not 100% sold on this lace so I might use something different.

Next comes the point, then attaching it and decorating!✨