Hats Off to Modern Milliners

For many, the word “milliner” evokes figures from a bygone era - antiquated artisans whose skill sets were passed down to them from earlier generations, and whose numbers have dwindled in recent decades. Today, their creations can come to define a person or look, like that vintage Vivianne Westwood hat has done for Pharrell Williams, or those Stephen Jones Millinery masterpieces have done for the Thom Browne runway. 

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Miu Miu Opening Tokyo

Miu Miu new store in Tokyo is the destination you cannot miss. 

Designed by legendary Herzog & de Meuron, who are also behind the Prada store across the street it is one of the most beautiful buildings in Omotesando area, especially on a sunny day, when the metal rooftop reflects the sunshine.

Here is the view from across the street.

And the facade window.

It is a two level store.

Love these shoe displays.

For the launch, Miu Miu had a fashion show followed by an afterparty, that was probably one of the biggest in Tokyo.

Miu Miu invited many guests from overseas.

Mira Duma from Buro 24/7

Show and the afterparty venue, that was probably one of the biggest in Tokyo. 

Not the best night pictures from my iphone.

Amazingly we went to all the festivities with the legendary milliner, Stephen Jones, (who happened to be in Tokyo for a several days showcasing his fabulous headpieces). Here with Stephen, P-chan,  Sawa, also a milliner and former apprentice of Stephen and yours truly. 

Go and visit - Miu Miu store:

ミュウミュウ 青山店


電話番号: +81 3 6434 8591

PS I had to “borrow” some of the official photos as my tiny bag for the event could only hold an iphone and no camera this time.

Just a few days ago, Scream Factory announced that they are releasing a Collector’s Edition Blu-ray of Shocker on September 8. Now they’ve revealed the new artwork that will accompany the release. Extras will be announced at a later date.

Written and directed by Wes Craven (A Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream), the 1989 cult classic stars Michael Murphy (Batman Returns), Peter Berg (Smokin’ Aces) and Mitch Pileggi (The X-Files).

Happy St. Catherine’s Day, Patron Saint of Milliners!

Today, November 25, marks the day where single French ladies celebrate the steadfast resolve of a fourth-century gal named Catherine of Alexandria, today our Patron Saint of Milliners and Couture. The story goes that Roman Emperor Maxentius had his eye on Catherine, but she refused to marry him and was promptly executed. (Another story, by way of the church, says she was executed for spreading Christianity across Europe.) Either way, Catherine was named the patron saint of unmarried women nine centuries later, and on this day, gals around France place hats on their heads—traditionally a starched cap on the eldest unmarried woman in town and paper bonnets on the heads of the others—and spend the day praying to St. Catherine for a worthy husband. The tradition of hats is what led to Catherine landing the patronage of millinery, as well as launching the term “Catherinette,” meaning an unmarried woman age 25 or older, and a French saying, “to do St. Catherine’s hair,” meaning “to remain an old maid.” Charming!

Thankfully, this holiday has morphed through the years from a humiliating experience for single women to one embraced as a kicky holiday by French couture and design houses and milliners. Young seamstresses traditionally shut the shop doors to the public and have an all-day party with champagne, dancing and sweets, while making elaborate and outrageous  hats for the Catherinettes among them.

Hat season is here!

Ascot marks the beginning of the hat season. 

In England we are lucky to have some amazing milliners - so this year the British Film Council have paired up Ascot to showcase some of the stunning pieces in the run up to the BFC’s Headonism initiative.

Here are a few of my faves:


Topshop Straw Hat £28 Louis Mariette £250 Jane Taylor Bespoke

Karen Henrikson £449 Philip Treacy £2000 Uma Turan £260