Because: My best friend is beautiful and I wanted to strobe on top of 1604 at 281, during rush hour. That’s why.

Running around in the street, shooting pictures of this amazing women is always a rewarding and inspiring experience. Her personality is something words limit in description. She’s my muse, always inspiring me to shoot for myself. Reminding me to stand firm with my creative visions, she never disappoints in front of my camera. 

L'ispirazione della creazione. Essa rimanga se stessa, ogni giorno.


Some gothic goodness of my wife, millimob

A few BTS, photography stills from an upcoming video project I’m working on for Principe Cu!

I could wait to share these because, well… they are awesome and I’m feeling very gothic and moody, so boom!

I haven’t been posting a lot of work lately because I’ve been busy working and living this glorious life i’ve made for myself. TG!

Positive living and zen vibes.

Don’t just lurk, LOVE.




Some of my favorite shots from the Rise/Run Holiday preview.

Rise/Run is a local men’s street line. Their modo is “RISE ABOVE THE REST, RUN FROM NO ONE" 

The above shirt and hat will be available on the RISE/RUN shop this holiday season. #supportlocal


Name: Melissa
Otherwise known as: Millimob

Do you have any hidden talents?: It’s not a talent but I like giving head sitting indian style.

Pick 5 words to describe your style?: cleavage, ASS must look JUICY in them jeans. that is all. 

What songs get you hype?: I LOVE PITBULL 

What is your typical Saturday night?: depends….

Who was your first love?: Mark Anthony Alfaro, that bastard.

Who is your favorite up-n-coming musical artist?: i dont fkn know.

What qualities do you look for in a significant other?: BICK DIG ;P

What is your favorite sexual postion?: riding em backwards

Blackberry, Iphone or Android?: BB

Favorite place to travel?: WESTSIDE of San ANto

What’s the craziest thing you have ever done?: hmmmmm….well, peed standing up in a MENS restroom in front of everyone. lol! with a dress on. : X

If I met you for the first time, I would get what impression of your personality?: that IDGAF.

How do you measure success?: SKY is the LIMIT

If you could tell the world one thing, What would it be?: FUCK OFF!

When life gets tough you….?: get DRUNK.

Any advice for your generation?: GIVE A FUCK LESS.


SHOT-OUTS: hottass BRITTNICORE & desi vegas for serving our country in afghan & Zachary the great who has served our country & everyone who’s survived any type of dilemma. Rep 210 always & forever.