I don’t see enough people talking about Dana.

She has stated that she doesn’t own lot 37 and I do VERY MUCH BELIEVE HER and ugh

Dana has received so much hate (not from the fandom - the characters of course) since becoming mayor. She didn’t ask for that. She just wanted to be intern.

Cecil and Dana used to be such good friends and please I want that back.

Dana please be okay.

alright so peggyccarter tagged me and now I need to share 6 facts about myself so here we goooooo

1. i’m not afraid of spiders, maybe I am of the dangerous ones. but overall they’re cute.

2. I’ve never seen the notebook

3. i sleep with 6 stuffed dolls in my bed (fozzie bear, kermit, baymax, snorlax, squirtle and a lil reindeer that I can’t sleep with him)

4. I also sleep with my black widow and hawkeye funkos on the edge of my bed cause they’re protecting me

5. coffee gives me the worst stomach ache but I love espresso too much to give it up

6. my favorite animal ever is every type and kind of turtle!!

i need to tag 10 ppl so: @snorlaxatives lilopelekai lizsolsen gengurch transguy-rin gxldentrio vandersgomerys marinafroot that-disney-blog clarabellecows