2017 Yılından Beklediğimiz 10 Şey

1. Mutululuk

2. Vazgeçilmez olan Para

3. Tabiki de Aşk

4. Evlenmek İsteyenler İçin Evlilik

5. Umut Fakirin Ekmeği Zenginlik

6. Aile (Mutlu)

7. Sevdiklerimizin Yanımızda Olması


9. Kariyer

10. Yarını Düşünmeden Rahat Bir Uyku

5.64 Daddy’s Girl [Millie]
“Morning sunshine,” Zayne beamed, wrapping his arm around his girlfriend’s waist. “Morning.” Millie sat up lazily. Her head was pounding. She was exhausted. &nb…

The next chapter of A Graying World is out now. This one is a Millie x Zayne one. Next up is Adeline and Erik. 

Dedicating this one to @francothecitysimmer because she said Millie was her favorite :p Zayne Thompson was made by @dandylion240.

I can tell that Millie is going to eventually destroy the dangling ball toy on her cat tree, so I tried to look up replacement balls. She LOVES that thing. Autocomplete thought I was looking up truck nuts.

I can just get a staple gun and some elastic string. I should have thought of that before being reminded of truck nuts.