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Being back in the safety of her room, well away from the library, relieved much of Millie’s fear. She was still shaking, and tears continued to leak from her eyes, but her thoughts steadied with her breathing. 

She still needed to hide under her blankets and just fall apart, but there were more pressing matters to tend to first. “Eidyia?” she said uncertainly, “How are you feeling?”


Did you know…Sutton Foster!

Sutton Foster’s star opportunity was reminiscent of the musical 42nd Street when, during rehearsals of the pre-Broadway run of Thoroughly Modern Millie at the La Jolla Playhouse in San Diego, she replaced leading lady Erin Dilly. Any apprehension about having an unknown playing the lead in a nearly $10 million Broadway production was proven unfounded when she opened at the Marquis Theatre to many positive reviews.  

The New York Daily News reviewer wrote that “newcomer Sutton Foster, who has the pert look, the silver voice and the dazzling legwork to make an extraordinarily winning Millie.”

Clive Barnes, reviewing for the New York Post wrote “Newcomer Sutton Foster’s own star turn as Millie is perfectly charming, but as a star she doesn’t twinkle, glitter or light up Broadway like a Christmas tree defying a July noon. But she has a good voice and is cutely agreeable.”

Her performance as Millie won her the first Tony Award of her career.