[I was born in the State of North Carolina, Columbus Co., Anno Domini 1851.

And pronounced by scientist to be the 8th wonder of the world.

Tis not modest of one’s self to speak, But, daily scanned from head to feet, I freely talk of everything, Sometimes to persons wondering. Some people say I must be two! The doctors say it is not true. Some cry out humbug, till they see, And then exclaim, “great mystery.” Two heads, four arms, four feet, All in one perfect body meet. I am most wonderfully made, All scientific men have said. None like me since the days of Eve, None perhaps shall ever live. If marvel to myself am I, Why not to all who pass me by? I am happy too, because content; For some wise purpose I was sent. Our Maker knows what he has for one, Whether I’m created two or one. Respectfully, MILLIE CHRISTINE.

The Carolina twin, surnamed the 2-headed Nightingale]

Millie and Christine McCoy spoke five languages, were accomplished musicians and dancers (leading to them being billed as “The Two-Headed Nightingale”) , and although they began their lives enslaved, rose to prominence in Britain, met Queen Victoria, and ended up inheriting the farm where they were born.

I personally am amazed and inspired by the story of these two accomplished women.

There are more artworks, photographs, and writing by Millie and Christine here.