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“You’re incredibly beautiful, did you know that?” -Millikan

Jacqui looked up from her book in surprise. She stated at the tarkatan with wide eyes. Where had that come from? They had just been sitting her reading so… She knew she was blushing hard now, so she turned away from him to hide it.

“I..what are you talking about Milli?” She asked, trying to make it sound like a joke. “I’m just…yknow…average looking.”


Look here all these celebrities throwing shade at Nicki or at her relationship with meek and the barbz who so call claimed that they rock with Nicki but yet turn yall backs on her and talk shit💩. Yall can just watch the queen conquer on the side lines and her relationship with meek get stronger and more serious. That’s a damn shame you “so call barbz ” wish bad on your own fav and just remember this Nicki sees everything trust and believe she does😎.
Ohh and for the record meek was right about everything he said in his diss Record, drake did get peed on by TI’s home boy , got smacked by Diddy, has a ghost writer, he did pay Chris brown off just so the beef between him and Chris can be dropped that’s y he brought Chris on the ESPN special and meek let drake wear that DC chain because real killers were after drake and in order for them not to attack him because they saw that drake was cool with meek and the chasers ( meek knows/ hang with killers). So just let all this sink in cuz you will hear about this later 🐸☕️
P.s I still love drake and I love meeky😘
I was just schooling yall on some facts yall didn’t know ☕️


Meek Threatens Drake live.