100 Warrior Cats - Millie

for this challenge i’ve been trying to stick with canon descriptions, but millie was always going to be my big exception.  i know she’s gray in the books, but i was also a big fan of the comics, where she was brown - so i decided to combine the two into more of a sandy gray ^^ also tbh i never liked the idea of her being the same color as silverstream


Day 3 - Favorite arc (Some spoilers:read@own risk)

My favorite arc is the future arc.

Even if it’s only for a few episodes we get to see the guardians ten years into the future (minus Tsuna) as well as their friends, the Varia, etc. (BelxFran ASJJFALSDJFALKSDJF!) 

Also, they get to battle the Milliefore family and we get to learn more about Reborn and the other arcobaleno. So, it’s awesome and I love it.