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Happy trails to Beatrice “Queen Bea” Tulchin, who takes her final bow as Amanda today.

Since everyone in Matilda fandom knows how amazing Beatrice is, I don’t really need to say anything, but I will anyway: Bea is one of the best dancers I’ve seen onstage in my life, of ANY age.  It never mattered who I intended to watch during Bruce or Revolting Children; my eyes always gravitated towards her.  She has tremendous stage presence and a lovely singing voice as well.  Should she so choose, we’ll be seeing her onstage for years to come.


Milly Shapiro has matured so much. Gorgeous voice!

Facts about Matilda Broadway’s Matilda’s runs

In order of longest to shortest runs:

Fina Strazza: 328 days = about 10.9 months

Milly Shapiro: 317 days = about 10.6 months

Tori Feinstein: 314 days = about 10.5 months

Bailey Ryon: 309 days = about 10.3 months

Eliza Holland Madore: 294 days = about 9.8 months

Sophia Gennusa; 291 days = about 9.7 months

Oona Laurence: 286 days = about 9.5 months

Brooklyn Shuck*: 266 days = about 8.9 months

Gabriella Pizzolo =  265 days = about 8.8 months

Paige Brady: 248 days = about 8.3 months

Ava Ulloa: 232 days = about 7.7 months

Ripley Sobo: 230 days = about 7.7 months

* = she left early to do “Beaches” 

Average = 9.4 months

The Newtildas have the average shortest run time at 8.13 months 

The OBC and Tinytildas had the longest runs at an average of 10.01 months, but if Brooklyn hadn’t left for Beaches the Tinytilda’s would’ve had the longest runs. 

Out of the OBC, Oona had the shortest run and Milly had the longest run

Out of the Newtildas, Ripley had the shortest run and Gabriella had the longest run 

Out of the Tinytildas, Brooklyn had the shortest run and Fina had the longest run

Judging by the averages, the newest set of Matilda’s will probably leave late March/early April (but lets be real Matilda broadway never sticks to a norm) 


Thought it was time to finally update this. 

Every team of Matildas ever… So far.