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“It was something challenging. It was different from other roles because in those I had to speak a lot. I had, like, paragraphs. I had to play a man in one of my shows, and kill my mum in one of my shows, so it’s very weird the things I bump into. And in this show, I realized I didn’t have to speak with my mouth, I had to speak with my face. Instead of actually saying I’m angry, I’m sad, I’m confused, I had to do it with my face, and that was challenging. But I really enjoy playing a challenging role. I love playing Eleven.”

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(im just kidding bb ily) ✖✌♡ ™ ❄️ ♪ (also a little bit of © bc u dont like pineapple on pizza)

✖: I would give you the greatest hug ✌: You’re awesome ♡: I love your blog ™: You’re a cinnamon roll ❄️: I cherish you ♪: You’re very talented


©: You’re a bit problematic

LIST EN pineapple pizza is DISGUSTING and i WILL NOT BE SHAMED for speaking out against this ATROCITY

send me symbols?

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milly pls answer this if u see it :( so i was talking to this guy from tumblr and we ended up texting for a couple weeks and i even sent him nude photos and it was just a more than friends type of thing. long story short i found out he had a gf and i found her blog!!i confronted him and he called me a fool and denied everything so i messaged her and told her. i guess she broke up with him or whatever bc he messaged me saying i'm a shitty person. did i do the right thing? i'm stressing

you 10000000% did the right thing. tear down that fucking lying asshole !!!!!!!!! you did the right thing telling him his girlfriend. you are not a shitty person

Little help?

Hey guys! So yes the original Wonderlustcas is back, I deleted my blog but back now with the same URL and everything :)

All I really need is help on following spn blogs and also multifandom; i’m basically looking for;

  • any spn
  • dc
  • any doctor who
  • sastiel would be a bonus
  • multifandom
  • non hate blogs

yeah so if you guys could really help spread the word about my return (woo) and also help me look for blogs that’d be awesome, have a great day! x