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stranger things opening credits in the style of buffy

Do you want to write a personalised message to Millie Bobby Brown? Well, you can!

Millie Bobby Brown is attending the Brisbane Supanova in Australia this year. Back in 2016, I did a similar event for Karen Fukuhara, and the response was amazing. This event is simple: send a message to my inbox that you would like Millie to read! I will compile all the messages neatly into a word document, print it off + fold the papers into a nice, adorable envelope. I would create some sort of fan book, but due to time limitations, I’m unable to (so this will have to do hehe).

I’d love for everyone to get involved ❤ Recap of information:

  • send a message to my inbox (feel free to include your name) - this can include anything, from a simple hello to a long message of praise
  • no hate!
  • closes: November 1st (any messages after will not be included)

Feel free to ask me any questions! Reblogs are much appreciated to get the word out.


seventeen astrology series  S. COUPS

Men’s Figure Skating at SEA Games
1st - Julian Yee 🇲🇾(205.43)
2nd - Michael Christian Martinez 🇵🇭(171.63)
3rd - Chew Kai Xiang 🇲🇾(145.52)

Congrats to all medalists! [x]


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(Alice and I decided to make our first network so if we messed something up don’t hate us.. ;A;)

This network is open for anyone who loves the south park girls! There are 20 spots open and members are chosen first come first serve basis (if a character that you want is not on there message me or her about it and we can fix that).


  • you will gain followers
  • make new friends
  • tinychats
  • notes on your selfies (tag them as #spgirlsnet or #southparkgirlsnet)
  • promos


If you have any questions message us!