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rttv au | roosterteeth | 700 words

this is a collab/trade with sarah; ideas are equally ours, born after skype chats. she does photosets and i’ll be doing ficlets on scenes and headcanons based on this au

hope you’ll enjoy uwu

Michael is ninety-nine percent sure nobody watches his show.

He’s not even exaggerating here. His show is a news commentary at three motherfucking a.m., the one wonderful time slot when the insomniacs have finally managed to fall asleep and the early-risers haven’t woken up yet. Barbara once told him that his target audience is “people who fall asleep at their sofa in front of the TV the previous day”, and until today he genuinely has no idea whether it was a joke or the sad, pathetic truth.

Even his fucking cameraman is falling asleep. Again.

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different mavin au where michael’s searching through achievement city for gavin, expecting him to be lighting fires or screwing around with some ocelots but finds him instead in the middle of a plain bloody and broken after some mobs attacked him and he rushes over to him and cradles him in his arms, blood pouring out of gavin’s body as he looks up with a little smile on his face and says ‘there’s my boy’ and quietly dies in his arms

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wAIT WAIT do you want me to write a ficlet or

  • journalist!au where everyone works for the same magazine. geoff is the head editor, gavin is the photographer, and ray is their model. michael writes the opinion column where he basically just rants a lot and people somehow like it, and ryan writes the horoscope column that is creepily accurate (when asked how he could do it, ryan just gave this really unsettling smile and said, “I just do.” nobody ever asked him again since)
  • or
  • politics au where ray is a presidential candidate and michael is his pr manager and ryan is his very, very manipulative head of campaign manager. geoff is the owner of this political magazine whose photographer, gavin,is good at what he’s doing except for the fact that they need the pictures of the presidential candidate, gavin, not his campaign organizer
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damn you two, you need a nsfw tag for this kind of stuff //fans self

we’re just 2hot4u B))))

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this is the best sext ive ever seen

thank you, patrick and i should write an erotic novel of our video game opinions

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never say never, dude. try it

AHH INSPIRATION. Dude I will try so hard I’ve been drawing animals since I can remember a career doing that would be so tippy top I’M DREAMING BIG! *continues to study hard and draw everyday like a maniac*

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have surgery to get your vagina removed

kaylee. you dont pee from your vagina. that would be no help to me at all

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you might have the thing i can’t spell here it is…

ugh they are the worst. i have kidney stones though. they gave me tablets to relax my kidneys and stuff and im pretty sure im close to passing one. and thats why it hurts like a bitch!