So I had this sort of idea for a drawing (1st pic)

I’m not crisp clean drawer so things like GUndam heads are WTF? I used like 3 toy heads for refs but they were all a lil different. Didn’t free hand anything, just a whole bunch of pen tool/straighline tool. Then added gradient shadows places, then base colour and highlights hoping it would sort of at least look metallic, then more colours and shadows and all the rest of the details. Oh also..I only really drew half then copied and flipped it that’s right, lazy.

3rd pic, sketches and lines, stiff boring pose. I fuck things up with line art often. At least I like his head and face. God damn lines.

all finished. It ended up not that exciting compared to the first but a little more Gundam Wing fan art out there never hurt. First time it was Zechs and Tallgeese, this time it’s after he joined the White Fang with the Epyon.

I like the first scribble drawing most XD