Hey guys,

Thanks for those who stopped by our artist alley tables, the Skullgirls booth, and the Skullgirls panel at AX this year! We had a great turnout at all of them. I was pretty swamped with commissions for the entire convention haha. The line for the panel was shockingly gigantic too.

I apologize for those who were not able to make it into the room. I also apologize for those who I had to turn down for commissions- I was definitely overloaded this time around.

Anyway, here are some of the ones I have on record. Posted in the order that I have them on my list. Since this is a local convention for me now, I was able to scan some of them between days.

I asked everyone on here if it’s okay to post their commissions. If it’s not, feel free to let me know and I’ll take it down and/or if you’d want me to link to any particular site.

1st image: Chris’s character, Kida. Check out his stuff at: http://a-bad-idea.deviantart.com/ and http://badideasbadideas.tumblr.com/tagged/art

2nd image: Solange and Zozo @3@;; Specifically in the same pose that a previous commission of Bikini-Bible chan and slime girl.

3rd image; Scythana vs Venus. 

4th image: Tharja. My first attempt at her. I like her design a lot @3@; Still have yet to play more of the game though, orz.

5th image: Salty Freeman’s character vs. Mok Zed @3@; Salty Freeman- what was her name again? I forgot ;A;

6th image: Beatrix performing her most famous stunt!

7th image: Millia Rage (Xrd edition)…ommmg..not many references for this yet haha >XD;;

8th image: Jordon’s characters. ~ http://j-don-bonne.deviantart.com/

9th image: Sona and Bloodmoon Akali from LoL

10th image: Cae’s character, Peitra. ~ http://chaddiecakes.tumblr.com/tagged/cae_draws

Hit tumblr’s image limit. More to come~ Thanks again for those who stopped by~!