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I have designed a one size fits all cuff bracelet- this is of course one of a kind. This design cannot be duplicated, as these glass beads were handmade by JewelryByAmyT - a master Glass Artisan- (you will see a link to her beautiful Etsy shop below) 

I have taken these unique combinations and created a one-size-fits-all cuff bracelet. Rich colored glass beads rest upon a copper and silver infused/ plated cuff.
For those of you that like the “jewelry jiggle”… (You know, that glorious sound a bracelet makes as you move your arm?) this is the ultimate piece for you. Leaving just enough space on the cuff for slight movement of the beads creates a very unique yet subtle sound. 

The bracelet can be sized to fit you wrist tighter - or you may easily loosen it up by gently pressing or pulling on the sturdy cuff. 

This item will be shipped nestled in a box wrapped with paper. As this is a one of a kind, this is the only one available. 

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