MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, 2015, dir. George Miller

I can’t add much to the dialogue about this brilliant movie so I’ll just reiterate a couple of points: so amazing to see an action movie filled with women of all ages fighting for themselves and for each other. (How do we make this even better? Adding some more kickass women of color to the few here.) This has ruined me for basically every action movie I’ve tried to watch since - I can no longer tolerate the sexist jokes, the sneering male leads, the One Strong Female Character (Who Is Probably An Uptight Bitch). I also love how saturated with color this movie is. Wear that color on your sleeve!

(Also, that last image is probably my favorite in a film where essentially every frame is exquisite/breathtaking. It just gutted me.)


Apollo, as imagined by Rick Riordan versus the depiction by Madeline Miller

I have always been fascinated by the difference between the two: one is almost foolishly arrogant, obsessed with his own appearance and a clear young joker, while the other is truly the “godly” depiction; a darker, more relaxed character with a much more intense aura.

this was literally the smallest and only spoiler in the new bbca trailer but:

  • h e l p
  • alec is smartly dressed and they’re in a graveyard (possibly at the church)
    • holy shit is this mark latimer’s funeral?! what the fuck!!!
  • daisy’s smiling in the promo so alec’s face is really misleading 
    • i think she’s deciding to stay in broadchurch with her dad and stepmom ellie miller
  • i have so many emotions 
The Aftershow

The Playlist

White Iverson - Post Malone

Antidote - Travis Scott 

 Everyday - A$AP Rocky & Miguel & Rod Stewart 

 Paris - Kanye West & Jay-Z 

 Watch Out - 2Chainz 

 Rihanna - Yo Gotti feat Young Thug 

 Shaded Summer - Night Lovell 

 Lounging - DMT 

 Once - BNJMN 

 Say So - Wiz Khalifa

 Funeral - Shy Glizzy 

 Awwsome - Shy Glizzy feat A$AP Rocky & 2Chainz 

 The Weeknd - Wicked Games 

 The Weeknd - Thursday 

 Drake - Furthest Thing 

 The Matrimony - Wale 

Alright - Kenrick Lamar 

 Comfortable - K Camp Coffee. - 

Miguel feat Wale Planes - Jeremih feat J Cole 

 Blasé - Rae Sremmurd feat Future 

 All That Shines - Vic Mensa

Break The Law - Mac Miller

I Know How it Feel- Ace Hood

A Milli Billi Trilli - 2 Chainz

Bad Bitch - Beyoncé (demo) Rella - Odd Future Piped Up - Migos

“Caleb, what are you doing?  Caleb, the little jedi cut off before his date with destiny, his career as a galaxy-saving superhero stunted.  He couldn’t believe now that he’d ever been that person.”  -excerpt from A New Dawn by John Jackson Miller

I have too many Kanan/Caleb feels and I needed to put them somewhere.

It’s time for Trilobite Tuesday! Unlike any modern eyes–whether they are anthropoid, arthropod or annelid–the lenses of trilobite eyes were actually constructed of calcite. This provided these ancient creatures with virtually unparalleled vision that was filled with streams of light and bursts of color, based on recent experiments conducted with calcite crystals. With the complex geometric symmetry presented by each lens, such as those displayed on this Eldredgeops milleri, these eyes seem to defy their incredibly ancient ancestry. When we look into the fossilized eyes of a trilobite, it takes only minimal imagination to sense that these primeval creatures may indeed be staring back at us, providing a dramatic link to life some 500 million years in the past.


Ladies and gentlemen, I give you what is probably, at the moment, the most complex and detailed reconstruction on planet Earth of Pterichthyodes. More exactly, Pterichthyodes milleri. You can see all the bone plates that form its heavy frontal (upper) body armour and the naked, scaly tail (lower) with the fins. Its wing-like appendages which correspond to and were derived from the pectoral fins seen in modern fish and other non-antiarch placoderms, were used for locomotion (probably crawling :p ).  

Artist’s notes: I made it in pencil on yellow paper and enhanced the contrast in Photoshop. Enjoy! :D

Children, Wake Up Playlist

Dedicated to @hollyhark‘s wonderful Kylux fic series: Children, Wake Up!

Lucifer’s Eyes - T.O.L.D.

I sleep with no voice and wake with no name.
That’s just a noise the devil did make,
Seventeen times in seventeen days.
I could stay dry, but I could hear rain.
Say your goodbyes, fly away,
In Lucifer’s eyes and hide your pain.
I can’t see the way out,
Devil’s taken me now.

I Found - Amber Run

I’ll use you as a warning sign,
That if you talk enough sense then you’ll lose your mind.
And I’ll use you as a focal point, so I don’t lose sight of what i want.
And I’ve moved farther than I thought I could,
But I missed you more than I thought I would.
And I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be,
Right in front of me… Talk some sense to me.

Force of Nature - Bea Miller

I don’t know why, but my hands are shaking.
I can see you coming and I stand here waiting.
It’s an effed up, bad, sick situation.
I tried to tie my heart down, board up all the windows,
Oh, but it’s too late now, I let you get too close.
I know I should take cover, hide inside these four walls,
But baby, I surrender it all.
Cause you’re a force of nature, look at what you’ve done,
I can taste the danger, but I don’t want to run.
So pull me to the ground and I won’t put up a fight,
And I know I’ll be broken when it’s over,
Oh, but I can’t help but pull you closer.
I’ll be here til we collide, I don’t care if I survive,
So crash into me one more time.

Little Hell - City and Colour

What if I can’t be all that you need me to be?
We’ve got a good thing going, we have some promises to keep.
What if everything’s just the way that it will be?
Could it be that I am meant to cause you all this grief?
There’s a degree in difficulty in dealing with me,
From my haunted past comes the daunting task of living through memories.
So when we leave, it’ll be a quick midnight escape,
We’ll disconnect ourselves from all of yesterday.
Will we get out of this little hell?

Control - Halsey

I sat alone, in bed til the morning. I’m crying, they’re coming for me.
And I tried to hold these secrets inside me, my mind’s like a deadly disease.
And all the kids cried out, “Please stop, you’re scaring me.”
I can’t help this awful energy.
Goddamn right, you should be scared of me.
Who is in control?
I’m well acquainted with villains that live in my bed.
I’ve grown familiar with villains that live in my head.

A Far Shore - Luke Conard, Ryan Seiler, & Jason Munday

My only hope of reaching you is sending this report.
I wish that I could hear you now, this is my last resort.
Don’t count me out, all gauges warn: “Danger!” I won’t bail out.
As I jump to warp speed, I throw everything I knew out the door,
Brace my heart as I proceed where no man has ever been before.
There’s no other way around it, completely surrounded,
Strings play the final score.
As I jump to warp speed, destination: a far shore.
If I could turn back, you know I would, believe me, I have tried.
I’d trade the greatest discovery to look into your eyes.

Starlight - Muse

This ship has taken me far away, far away from the memories
Of the people who care if I live or die.
I will be chasing the starlight until the end of my life,
I don’t know if it’s worth it anymore.
I just wanted to hold you in my arms.
You electrify my life, let’s conspire to ignite
All the souls that would die just to feel alive.
I will never let you go if you promise not to fade away.
Never fade away, our hopes and expectations, black holes and revelations.

Resistance - Muse

Is our secret safe tonight? And are we out of sight?
Or will our world come tumbling down? Will they find our hiding place?
Is this our last embrace? Or will the walls start caving in?
(It could be wrong, could be wrong)
But it should have been right to let our hearts ignite.
Are we digging a hole? This is out of control.
It could never last, must erase it fast. But it could have been right.
Love is our resistance, they’ll keep us apart,
And they won’t stop breaking us down.
Hold me, our lips must always be sealed.
If we live a life in fear, I’ll wait a thousand years just to see you smile again.
Kill your prayers for love and peace, you’ll wake the thought police.
We can’t hide the truth inside.
The night has reached its end, we can’t pretend.
We must run, it’s time to run.
Take us away from here, protect us from further harm.

Corpse Roads - Keaton Henson

And I’m so damn scared of dying without you.
But I’ve come prepared, resolved for my life to wear a funeral suit.
And don’t lie…I know we’re fixing to die.
Punish myself for not knowing about this lie that we’re fixing to die.
I’ll see the dark things that you all try to hide,
And I won’t be the damnedest bit fucking surprised.
So let’s not lie, I know we’re fixing to die.

You - Keaton Henson

If you must wait, wait for them here in my arms as I shake.
If you must weep, do it right here in my bed as I sleep.
If you must mourn, my love, mourn with the moon and the stars up above.
If you must mourn, don’t do it alone.
If you must leave, leave as though fire burns under your feet.
If you must die, sweetheart, die knowing your life was my life’s best part.
If you must fight, fight with yourself and your thoughts in the night.
If you must live, darling one, just live.

Whisper (Acapella) - Crywolf ft. Emalyn and Trevor Kaiwa

I won’t forget you, my love, you’re trapped inside my mind.
You are a whisper, my love,
I feel you inside of the shivers that run through my blood.
I hold you from time to time, 
I feel you inside my mind.
It’s a quiet voice that no one hears.
(I never knew that you could sing so softly.)
It’s the silent wish to have no fear.
(I feel you tremble as we’re lying down.)
(It’s a slow dance, it’s a romance.)
(Maybe the last thing on my mind.)
(It’s grieving, it’s bleeding.)

Ribcage (Acoustic) - Crywolf

I’m alive with the glory of your skin.
Just a touch can take me deeper now, just a touch can make me fall back in.
I think I found you in the fault lines, I think I felt you in my searing pain.
I think I saw you from my window, you were dancing in the pouring rain.
Is this love that I’ve found? Is this a new beginning?
I wanna pull you against my skin,
And I wanna know what goes on in that lovely mind.
You’ve got an ocean inside your bones,
And I think I’m losing myself in your salty eyes.
I’ll survive with just a taste of how you live.
Do you want to take me deeper now, do you want to make me fall back in.
I can feel your ribcage pressing tight on the curve of my spine,
Open up and allow all my secrets in.

Run - Daughter

He is restless at night, cause he has horrible dreams.
So we lay in the dark, we’ve got nothing to say.
Just the beating of hearts like two drums in the gray.
The fire is coming, so I think we should run.
We will check outside, checking that the coast is clear on both sides,
Cause we don’t wanna be seen…
Oh this is suicide, but you can’t see the ropes.
I won’t tell my mother, it’s better she don’t know.
And he won’t tell his folks, cause they’re already ghosts.
We’ll just keep each other as safe as we can,
Until we reach the border, until we make our plan to run.

Secret - Angel Snow

Mama told me not to take what’s given, just try to survive.
So don’t judge me for the life I’m living, at least I’m still alive.
I always wanted to be something better, I always wanted to shine.
And now I know I can’t deny my nature, cause I’ve got something to hide.
Lord knows there’s a bad thing coming, I feel it in my bones.
On the horizon there’s a storm that’s growing, keeps me on my toes.
I can’t go back if I wanted to (I don’t, I don’t.)
I can’t remember what I did…before I did what I did.
I got a secret.

Arms - Christina Perri

I never thought that you would be the one to hold my heart,
But you came around and you knocked me off the ground from the start.
You put your arms around me,
And I believe that it’s easier for you to let me go.
You put your arms around me and I’m home.
How many times will you let me change my mind and turn around?
I can’t decide if I’ll let you save my life or if I’ll drown.
I hope that you see right through my walls.
I hope that you catch me cause I’m already falling.
The world is coming down on me and I can’t find a reason to be loved.
I never wanna leave you but I can’t make you bleed if I’m alone.

Dead Air - Chvrches

I will never believe what they say, there is no strength in enduring.
They never speak for themselves, we are disappearing.
You will be all that I seek in a twisted lie, I would live inside you.
Words will be all that I keep in an open space, they would live inside you.
We hold on to an idea and we’ll fight what we can’t see.
We just hold on to an idea, we’ll keep going til we can heal.
We’ll keep going til we can’t hear dead air.
We are all just dead air.
This is a call to your arms to take mind over matter.
Replacing fist over fist, we are disappearing.

Iris - Goo Goo Dolls

And I’d give up forever to touch you,
Cause I know that you feel me somehow.
You’re the closest to heaven that I’ll ever be,
And I don’t wanna go home right now.
And all I can taste is this moment, and all I can breathe is your life.
When sooner or later it’s over, I just don’t wanna miss you tonight.
And I don’t want the world to see me,
Cause I don’t think that they’d understand.
When everything’s made to be broken, I just want you to know who I am.
And you can’t fight the tears that ain’t coming,
Or the moment of truth in your lies.
When everything feels like the movies,
Yeah, you bleed just to know you’re alive.

Cough Syrup - Young the Giant

LIfe’s too short to even care at all,
I’m losing my mind, losing my mind, losing control.
If I could find a way to see this straight, I’d run away,
To some fortune that I should have found by now.
I’m waiting for this cough syrup to come down.
Life’s too short to even care at all,
I’m coming up now, coming up now out of the blue.
These zombies in the park, they’re looking for my heart.
A dark world aches for a splash of the sun.
And so I run out to the things they say could restore me,
Restore life the way it should be.

Human - Of Monsters and Men

When the words weigh heavy on the heart,
I am lost and led only by the stars.
Cage me like an animal, a crown with gems and gold.
Eat me like a cannibal, chase the neon throne.
Breathe in, breathe out, let the human in.
Breathe in, breathe out, and let it in.
Plants awoke and they slowly grow beneath the skin,
So breathe in, breathe out, let the human in.
The air is silk, shadows form a grin.
If I lose control, I feed the beast within.
If I could only let go.

Ladder Song - Lorde

No one knows where the ladder goes,
You’re gonna lose what you love the most.
You’re not alone in anything, you’re not unique in dying.
Feel estranged every now and then, fall asleep reading science fiction.
I wanna fly in your silver ship, let my mama hang, and my sister sit.
It’s on now, the days are long now,
The ups and the sun downs, and a twisting mind.
If I gotta go first, I’ll do it on my terms.
I’m tired of traitors always changing sides. They were friends of mine.
Don’t hang around as the promise breaks,
Or you’ll be there when the next one’s made.
Kiss the feet of a charlatan, some imagined freedom.
All the rest is predictable, trying your hardest to melt the snow,
Tie the knots to concentrate, keep on pulling that rope will break.
We’ll welcome the new age covered in warrior paint.
Lights from the jungle to the sky,
See now, a starburst looks just like a blood orange.
Don’t it just make you want to cry? Precious friend of mine.
Will I know when it’s finally done? This whole life’s a hallucination.
You’re not alone in anything, you’re not alone in trying to be.


“All Good Music Should Tell a Story”: Going Global with House Duo @taleofus

To see more of Tale of Us and their journeys around the world, check out @taleofus on Instagram. For more music stories, check out @music.

“All good music should tell a story.”

That’s the philosophy behind the beautifully brooding builds of Berlin’s deep house duo Tale of Us (@taleofus). Each groove they create captures a time, a place, a person or a feeling in their lives. But what is the story behind the story? What is the tale of Tale of Us?

With more than 150 gigs in the last year alone, theirs is an adventure taken all over the globe. From the busy streets of Tokyo to the Coachella Valley, from dusty dunes to ancient spires and everything in between, Tale of Us have seen – and tasted – much of what this world has to offer.

For those with wanderlust, a professional DJ career is a pot of gold. If Tale of Us’ Karm Conte or Matteo Milleri want to journey to a far-off land, they’ve only got to find the right booking – and when you’re one of underground house’s brightest burning stars, your shine reaches nearly every dark corner and club under the sky.

The pair recently made a stop in Tokyo to spread their love of house, take some pics and slurp more than their fair share of ramen.

“Both of us are very inspired by the Japanese culture, so it was a must to go play there,” they say in a joint email interview. “We’ve been impressed by the sea of buildings you can see from above, but also by the food we had. We had some next level ramen we won’t forget, but also some great sushi, and also had the chance to try Kobe beef.”

Of course, you can’t always let your stomach decide your fate. Tale of Us make some romantic beats, and also wear their hearts on their sleeves. For instance, they recently traveled to Cape Town on a tour with Bridges for Music, a nonprofit that gathers electronic artists to bring music and awareness to strengthen developing nations.

“Cape Town was clearly one of the most amazing places we’ve been to,” they say. “The city itself and everything around is incredible, a mix of Europe and Africa that you can’t find anywhere else. We had no idea house music was such a huge thing there. In the townships, every kid wanted to be a DJ, so it felt very natural to do our best to help them fulfill their dreams.”

To capture their journeys, Karm and Matteo often team up with friends. Recently, they’ve hit the road with famed music photographers Richard Bellia and Christian Lamb (@cthelamb). Their manager has also developed some “serious” smartphone picture skills over the years. These moments in time serve not only as a means for fans to connect with the mobile music men, but also to remind Tale of Us of the magic they find along the way.

Back in Berlin, they hone these sights, sounds and experiences into sonic snapshots. Those tracks then fly around the world on airwaves, in mixes, on radio, flowing from headphones into ears all over the globe. In that way, the music and the memories become the shared experience of everyone. It’s a sound that truly becomes the Tale of Us.

–Kat Bein for Instagram @music

Get your Trilobite Tuesday fix! Trilobites were certainly not solitary creatures. Indeed, mass mortality plates featuring dozens of complete specimens have been found everywhere from the Cambrian strata of Morocco to the Ordovician rocks of Oklahoma. 

This example of Eldredgeops milleri (named in recognition of Dr. Niles Eldredge, Curator Emeritus, AMNH Division of Paleontology) from the Middle Devonian and collected in Michigan features 11 trilobites that lived approximately 400 million years ago. 

More trilobites this way!

It’s time for a communal Trilobite Tuesday! A number of scientists believe that trilobite mass mortality assemblages, such as those exhibited by the Ordovician asaphid Homotelus bromidensis (photo), may reflect the end result of an oceanic tidal estuary draining or evaporating, leaving its inhabitants quite literally high-and-dry. Others state that some trilobites, such as the Devonian phacopid Eldredgeops milleri, may have followed a life cycle that would have drawn their species together in prolific numbers at certain times of the year to create mating assemblages. The net effect of such actions would have left ancient sea floors carpeted with complete trilobite carapaces. Another scientific thought logically postulates that large numbers of the same trilobite species may have continually lived in close proximity, sharing a particularly hospitable ecological niche for protection and best utilization of resources. Learn more about Trilobites. 

Nembrotha milleri

…is a species of Polycerid nudibranch that occurs in the tropical Indo-Pacific ocean, where it is fairly widespread. Another undescribed Nembrotha species collected off of East Africa, may be related to or a subspecies of N. milleri. Nembrotha milleri feeds mainly on ascidians and other tunicates, it is often associated with Sigillina signiferaN. milleri, gets its species name after the nudibranch enthusiast Michael D. Miller. 


Animalia-Mollusca-Gastropoda-Heterobranchia-Euthyneura-Nudipleura-Nudibranchia-Euctenidiacea-Doridacea-Polyceroidea-Polyceridae-Nembrothinae-Nembrotha-N. milleri

Image: Alexander R. Jenner