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I’m sorry I don’t have better/more recent photos of the interior, but here is an idea of the loft in the center of the house. It sits above the enter way, with dormers and windows on both sides. You can’t really tell by the pictures, but those three beams in the triangle at one side of the loft is actually a wall (solid now haha) to make it feel more safe and cozy. Above the bathroom (far right side of the house), there is another tiny loft, but that’s just for storage.

I hope this helps. :)
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I am Carissa Miller and my fiance is Nathan Wurster. Together we have built this tiny house that we like to call the Millerwurst tiny house. It is roughly 150 sq ft. It’s dimensions are (from the outside) 8 feet wide (with the exception of the indented porch area) by 21’4” long. It isn’t finished yet, but we have already established our design. From left to right, will be the living room, followed by the mud room (directed behind the french doors), then the kitchen, and at the far right will be the bathroom. Directly above the entrance, where you see the dormers, is our loft. There will be an additional storage loft above the bathroom.

It’s been a long road to finish the house, and some days I feel like we’ll never finish it, but it is truly a dream come true to watch it come to life. I love the concept behind simplified living, removing all the clutter and distractions and focusing on what really matters: strong relationships and doing things you feel passionate about without all the financial strain. I must say, the price to build and live in tiny spaces doesn’t hurt either.

Thank you for taking the time to look at our home. Thank you for spreading the word of the tiny house movement.


Carissa Miller

Isn’t Carissa’s (collectivelyfrivolous) tiny home adorable?! We hope the rest of the building goes well!! 

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