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[Witch Boy AU] Credence Barebone

There was no denying that the boy was strange.
Dressed in black from head to toe, weird tattoos covering his arms, his nose always stuck in his books.
He rarely spoke to anyone - except to his cat when he wasn’t simply mumbling to himself.
Nobody really knew him, or knew about that tall, mysterious man who suddenly appeared in the neighboorhood.

I got inspired a lot by @dakotaliar‘s wondeful drawing of Credence for this aesthetic <3 I just love how she drew him ! I kept the original concept but added the ‘witch boy’ concept because I really like the idea.

Take a look at her work down here :D

Credence Barebone Headcanon || Deaf s/o

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Based on anymous’ request: Credence headcanons with a deaf s/o.


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[ I’ve been wanting to draw this all day, feat. Wren the Witch and her band ]


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