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David Tennant, second novels, Brits and Oscars - who are they for?, Front Row - BBC Radio 4
David Tennant on Broadchurch, Britain's favourite second novel and are awards irrelevant?

Hardy: You gave her your number?!
Ellie: Oh, don’t start.
Hardy: Your personal number!
Ellie: Yes, I did!
Hardy: What have I told you?!
Ellie: She needed it!
Hardy: Every time, Miller!
Ellie: Pardon me for being human.
Hardy: We investigate, support services support.
Ellie: Support services aren’t there yet!
Hardy: You can’t keep doing this.
Ellie: Once before!
Hardy: Twice before!
Ellie: Oh, now you’re keeping count?
Hardy: Yes.
Ellie: If I’m so annoying why did you come back?
Hardy: Oh, don’t start!
Ellie: Always having a problem.
Hardy: There’s a protocol.
Ellie: I did not miss this, you know, when you weren’t here, the constant berating.
Hardy: She can’t be ringing you all the time.
Ellie: She’s been raped!