miller house and garden


Introducing Miller House and Garden


Marilyn: “Some day I want to have a house of my own with trees and grass and hedges all around, but never trim them at all - just let them grown any old way they want.”

Marilyn’s passion and empathy for all living creatures extended to plants. Living in Roxbury, Connecticut with Arthur Miller she dabbled in gardening. After she bought her house in Brentwood, she finally had her own green space to look after. Assisted by a gardener named Tataishi, she planted a herb garden and spent hours pottering around her flourishing creation; she was still buying plants for her garden in the week before her untimely death and the citrus trees and flowering plants she ordered from nearby Frank’s Nursery were delivered to her home the day before she died.

In a 1960 interview with Cosmopolitan she revealed: “I have a green thumb. I can even plant things without roots. I just transplant them and they grow. I planted some seeds, nasturtiums, I think, when they come up, you’re supposed to thin them out. What a pity, I thought, to throw out these little growing things, so I pulled them up and transplanted them very carefully; they had been so close together some didn’t even have roots. Arthur said, ‘That’s impossible, they can’t live.’ But all of them did. And it says on the cover of the seed packages that you can’t transplant them!”

- The Marilyn Encyclopedia by Adam Victor.