miller field

“Worn Out” ((Joji x reader)) //nsfw//


You had no idea what you were doing to him- but you were driving Joji insane. Of course, you weren’t really paying much attention to detail of your boyfriend’s mental state at the moment, because you were talking to a friend from way back- a guy friend from highschool. And this friend of yours- had also been your crush in highschool. Though you gave not thought to it, because Joji and you had been dating for a two years and you only really had eyes and heart for him. 

Provided, you didn’t stop yourself from thinking that your old pal was still cute, because you saw no problem in thinking someone was attractive, because thinking someone had a nice fate didn’t entail that you wanted to date them. You didn’t just care about looks. However, boy had you lucked out when you met George. 

You watched intentively as your senior high buddy blabbed about being out far from your shared hometown on a business trip, how he worked for a big corporation, even for your early twenties. You were sort of surprised by his success, because he was a junkie in school. 

Joji had watched only from a distance, sitting at the dinner table you guys were supposed to be at…together. He had turned his head to face the two of you, waiting at any moment to jump up and pound the living daylights out of the man who was talking to you. 

He was listening to the conversation too, and felt slightly content with how innocent it really was, but the consolation was nothing compared to the raging whirlpool of jealousy inside of his gut. Joji also listened to his success story, and though he, successful himself, he felt like this guy was actually better than he was. That scared him. 

Cracking his knuckles while remaining in his seat, he couldn’t help but feel like going over, in his head he considered excuses to use. “Sorry, I was looking for the bathroom, where are they, babe?” He might ask, or maybe “I need to know what drink you want me to order you.”. He’d be sure to add in something like “Anything my girl wants, it’s on me. But his legs wouldn’t move just yet. 

You were personally ready to return to your date now, but you felt compelled to talk to him, and you didn’t want to be rude. But now, you could feel his eyes on you, much like in highschool. You might had been repressed one detail about you and your friend’s relationship in school, you were totally ‘buddies’ who really fucking loved to make out behind the stairs of the school. 

When you remembered that- you gulped. You remembered how the tone in his voice would get, and nervously realized that this guy was totally lusting for you right now. You felt dirty, not in a good way either, like a whore in church. What a good analogy, you thought to yourself. 

You shivered as your old chum stepped a little bit closer, too close. Before you could step back, however, you were pulled back, by a forceful yet familiar hand. You squeaked, jumping slightly in his grasp as you turned to see a flustered Joji. 

“hey baby, let’s go back to our house.” He emphasized the ‘our’, with his eyes locked in on the male standing before him. You sighed softly in relief, but the intensity in the moment brought it out to sound annoyed. Joji didn’t show it, but it broke him a little bit. But for right now, right now he was just fucking fuming. 

The guy frowned, scoffing in actual, genuine annoyance. “Oh, (your nickname), I didn’t know you liked imported things.” He smirked snarkily. You couldn’t respond because of the shock of what he had said, and the painful grip that Joji had on your hips getting tighter. You could feel his fingernails grasping into the skin on your curves, and you felt bad that it felt strangely erotic to you. God, you thought to yourself, why am I like this? 

Joji didn’t retort with a shitty comeback, but instead lifting his grip form your hips, and for the first time he allowed your old friend’s jaw to meet his fist live and in person. You could of sworn you heard a crunch, and it made you squeak once more. Oh god, what was happening? This was all so fast. The groan the dude made was nothing but sheer pain, and you next felt a firm grip on your wrist, pulling you out to the parking lot. 

“Joji- Joji what if he calls the cops?” You said frantically, but Joji felt no need to answer- he had money to get him off anything he tried to put him at- he didn’t even think about it now though. He ignored you. 

“Joji-” Once again, no reply, and no motion of consideration given. You could see it in his eyes that Joji was all sorts of enraged and jealous. You slumped back into the passenger seat of the car and watched as Joji pulled out of it, his hands turning off the radio, focusing all he could on the road. He couldn’t. So many thoughts were going through his head. He wanted to turn the fuck around, go and beat the dude senseless, but now, he had the intention making sure you knew who you were with.

 Not far from the house, he hadn’t said a word to you, but he moved one hand from the wheel to grab firmly at your thigh, his hand latching on your inner thigh. You were wearing a dress, a short black one, all the more reason to be jealous, because it showed you off perfectly.

 However, another pro of the dress was the ease in touching your warm, bare skin, parting your legs slightly He kept his eyes on the road in front of him. He cursed something in japanese, before that rough, lower voice of his came out, almost in the form of a whisper. 

“I can make you so limp, you won’t be able to walk to go and talk to these bastards.” 

That sentence alone caused a sinking feeling in your stomach that started from your chest and went down, and the purple lace panties you wore under that dress were started to gather moisture already. Why were you finding this so hot? Why were you enjoying this? You knew exactly what Joji meant- and it caused a fucking rapture inside your torso. 

Once the two of you were at the house, you were immediately out of the car, however not as fast as George, who it seemed had opened the vehicle door before it came to a full stop. He was going to be honest- this was method he sort of preferred over brutal punches between him and her friend, but he damn well gonna be as aggressive as he could. Most of this anger wasn’t directed to you- most of it. 

He left the door open when he walked indoors, because you were the one to close it- with your back. As soon as you walked into the den, forcefully your were shoved against the shiny, black door, hearing a loud slam behind you. You grunted slightly, causing Joji to halt for about .2 seconds, realizing you were fine, he got worse. Finally, his lips rejoined yours, his body pressed against you as he sloppily brought your mouths together. He had no repeated movement at first, other than with every time he pulled away be came back three times stronger. 

He wanted to explore your mouth now- feel the taste of the words he hoped you’d never say but he feared at that dinner table. Joji quickly brought his hands up to your chest and pulled down the clothing covering your breast, the strapless clothing prohibiting the wearing of a bra. He let the cold air blow against your nipples, and seeing that wasn’t enough to make you gasp, he gave your left breast a squeeze. In there were bruises in the morning, he wouldn’t give a shit, in fact he’d be satisfied. 

Upon having your boob grabbed, your mouth instantly parted from pursed lips to a widened mouth- you even let out a small moan. The wetness was getting worse. His eyes looked into yours for a moment and they were even darker than usual, but as soon as you felt his tongue in your mouth, you had to close yours. You tried to fight it back, locking together as Joji pressed his hardening crotch against yours, and Joji of course won. 

After a while, you felt yourself being lifted, and Joji was taking you to the bedroom you shared. He threw you on the bed, with no mercy, and you could hear a low tsk tsk tsk. It drove you wild. Joji was now between your legs, teasing you by pulling down your panties with his teeth, in a painfully slow manner. He knew you were enjoying yourself by the wetness that revealed itself. “This better be because of me, y/n.” He warned, bringing his thumb up to press against your clitoris. 

A slow, circular motion followed, and your back arched. “Joji~” You moaned, he stopped for a moment. “that’s my fucking name.” he smirked, before replacing his thumb with his tongue. And you knew, when he joked about eating pussy in his youtube videos- whether frank persona or not- he was a fucking legend. 

His tongue met up slightly with his top lit as they dove down on your clit, his hands spreading your legs out to give his space to move his head, before deciding to flick his toungue for a short amount of time- you knew you were going to cum- he knew. He was going to piss you off now. 

Right before you could announce it- he stopped, shaking his head. “No, not yet baby- I’m not lettting you off that easy.” 

He took off his shirt and pants, his boxers going with them, and he was already fully erect. His boner always came as a shock to you, “Get up.” He demanded. 

You did, quivering as you watched him lay down where you were previously. “Ride me.” He commanded again. “Fucking show me you’re mine and mine alone.” He said, you immediately positioned yourself onto him, moaning out “J-Joji~” As felt him getting deeper inside you. 

This point, he grabbed your hips and guided you, grunting softly as he started to feel the buildup of pleasure he knew he would outlast you, you were already coming undone, but he wasn’t going to let you stop until he was done. 

Bringing your hips to clash with his as the rolled together, the sounds of exhilerated screams coming from your euphoric state brought him so much pleasure- along with the movements of your breasts, how they bounced with you as you moved. This was all his, and only his. 

Finally, when he released, he groaned out louder than usual, he’d joke about ‘ a great nut’ later. Now, Joji couldn’t help but not feel complete, even after making you cum three times- and hearing you say his name- he still felt jealous. “y/n?” He said.

You were laying down on your back panting, exhausted by him- but you turned your head. “yes joji?” You asked back. 

“thank you for staying with me and not running off with business boy…” He was tired too, but his words had meaning, had purpose. “You keep me going… and the thought of losing you..” You stopped him. 

“George ‘Joji’ Miller…” You leaned up to face him, laying your head on his chest. “You’re all I want and more, and I wouldn’t trade you for anyone else.” 

With that Joji could sleep tonight. Peacefully. “I love you.” you mumbled. 

“And I love you,” he said back, but chuckled. “And I love your titties.”

You’d smack him tomorrow, but for now, you were too worn out.