Gal Gadot: Has the audacity to defend her home country. Shocking thing defending your own home country. I mean jeez what a horrible person fighting for the place where she was born. Also, she was required by law to fight for her home. Simple research should cover that.

Henry Cavil: Is dating someone who is of age and both are consenting adults. A 30 year old woman also dated him when he was 17. But I’m sure some hypersensitive person on this site would find him at fault there too.

Jason Mamoa: No idea, feel free to gripe if you wish

Ezra Miller: Co-Directed a short documentary with Sol Guy (an African American man and BLM supporter) about Wilson’s horrendous lies. His band also stated that he is an avid BLM supporter

Me: Tumblr is full of problematic people. More problematic than the people they claim should “choke.” They grasp onto misinformation and spread that information like wildfire without looking into it first. I thought we all learned our lesson with the xKit fiasco, but it has only gotten worse. This site contributes to the anti-intellectualism that plagues the extremists in any conflict. Cognitive intellectualism died and hate was born again with Tumblr and Twitter and you have no one to blame but yourselves. This, and this increasing love to hate is upon all your heads.

The DC Hate Is Unreal

Ezra made a 5 minute film (1 YEAR AGO) about how Darren Wilson rehearsed his apology, yet idiots are bringing it up now without having watched it. It literally has 358 VIEWS as I look at it right now.

There is no fucking way all these self-righteous idiots have seen it.

Ben’s personal life went to shit, and what’s worse is that no one knows what happened, but yet you judge him like you have all the details.

Henry dated someone younger than him, and because he’s a man he’s viewed as a perv. She was legal and he was a gentleman and humble enough to never put her out in front of cameras. They’re also over. Fact check before you talk shit.

People on tumblr and Twitter need to learn how to use that same fucking search bar they use to find incriminating information that isn’t true to fact check their stupidity. 


Finally assembling the DC flagship team for the first time on the big screen, Justice League looks to deliver a visual take on the heroes we’ve yet to see. The trailer is nuts. Some people might be wondering how that could be; if only someone can break down what the footage does well! First, it’s Batman-centric. Bruce is arguably one of the best parts of Dawn of Justice, but seeing him actually making friends is a breath of fresh air, and it humanizes him; wise play. Cyborg looks good in his Gotham City University varsity jacket, rocking the number seven, a nod to him joining as the seventh member of the League. Victor looks pretty stoned (had to), which should make for a great pairing with the hilarious Flash, bringing us to the best damn location in the whole trailer: FLASH CAVE. All the technology, perfectly placed Twinkies, the copy of the Windows 98 instruction manual… This must have taken forever to put together. Or perhaps only a few milliseconds for the Fastest Man Alive. Aquaman has crystal eyes. Impressively enough, there’s a scientific explanation for this! Arthur wouldn’t need the melanin that leads to darker eye colors to protect his eyes from the sun, which could be how Atlanteans evolved to be light, like fish; pretty clever. Overall, this movie looks fun. November 2017 is too far, though. :(

JUSTICE LEAGUE, by Ben Kuchera and Stephanie Ritter.


There’s a MOLE in the CIA, we need you in Berlin. No one can know why you’re there; not the chief, not his deputies, not a soul. Who am I looking at? Everyone. Anything else? Welcome to Berlin