Fire Coral

Millepora alcicornis

Millepora translates into a thousand pores, while alcicornis means elk-horn (one of the shapes it may look like). They are named fire coral because of their painful sting to humans.

Family: Milleporidae (Fire Coral)

Fun Fact: Fire coral are in the class Hydrozoa, and contain specialized polyps. Normally there are specific polyps for reproduction, a certain kind for digestion and eating, and one kind of poiyp for stinging.

Habitat: They are endemic to reefs of the Carribean Sea (from Florida to Brazil).

Ecosystem Role: “Paralyse prey with nematocysts (stinging cells) , then draw into mouth opening” (ADW). They are preyed upon by filefish. They also provide protection for many smaller species of marine life.


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