millennium walk


So my friend and I are spending the weekend in Chicago for the exo concert. Yesterday (the day of the concert), we were walking by Millennium Park, and as we were crossing the street I looked up and SUHO WAS RIGHT FUCKING THERE. I had such a delayed reaction. I saw him and he looked SO FAMILIAR, and I was like “omg he’s cute” and then he looked at our shirts (we were wearing the love me right jerseys) and back at us and then I realized IT WAS HIM. And we stopped and looked back and he looked back and we made eye contact and he sort of smiled before going back to talking to his manager again. My friend and I FREAKED THE FUCK OUT because oh my god. He totally saw that too, which is kind of embarrassing, but oh well. We didn’t ask for a picture because we didn’t want to bother him, because it looked like he was genuinely enjoying himself and I didn’t want to take that away by treating him like someone untouchable. We just smiled and waved and then kept walking (and my soul left my body for about an hour and a half). I feel bad though, because I really hope he didn’t think that we didn’t recognize him. We DID, but it was just so unexpected that it didn’t sink in right away. Hopefully he saw that we were fans. But yeah, the concert was about four hours later and it was honestly the best day of my life

A Whole New Millennium||Tut&Ankhe


I walk down the street engulfed in my own thoughts thus accidentally bump into your shoulder. Upon the impact I turn around. “I’m sorry. I didn’t see you there. My mind was..” Sensing a familiarity about your face I get thrown off a bit. Ankhe?.. It can’t be.. I then clear my throat. “- somewhere else.”