millennium maiden


The Atlus scoop from the latest Famitsu. Most of the SMT IV content is in the form of an interview with director Kazuyuki Yamai, the information of which is as follows.

  • Development started after SJ.
  • They wanted to make a game that would inflict psychological trauma on the player, and have them question their outlook on life and values.
  • It was decided from the beginning that a numbered title would be created for a handheld. The timing of this plan coincided with the announcement of the 3DS. Samurai was Kaneko’s idea. The aim was to have the viewpoints of characters who are not exposed to modern japan’s knowledge and value and come to modern japan.
  • Writer’s play impressions-the effect of niyari is huge-more than 400 demons, fusing the demon with skills you want is more possible-The black samurai character wiill be understandable without having played SJ. Whether you’ve played it or are using your imagination the mystery of the character remains
  • Kaneko did the original scenario and series demon design.
  • However, his central idea was to have “outsiders” give a unique view of a Tokyo apocalypse, whereas before it was always someone within community affecting the outcome.
  • Doi and Koduka were told to make things that “rather than give peace of mind, make you curious/feel uneasy”
  • The new demons are central to the story.

New Etrian Odyssey: Millennium Maiden - Animiertes Intro (3DS)


[Millennium Fox Shrine Maiden Ice Burner set review]

The effect of whole set not bad or good. From what I read on the Elsword KR forum, effect of five pieces would be 2% Addition & Reduce Damage, 2% Crit & Attack Speed. The accessory would give Awakening Charge Speed, and… Well, I will need to read it again. :D I will be sure to inform the stats later of this set. 

In my opinion, people shouldn’t put this set too high, because it is not worth it… The wing and the weapon could be expensive, especially Ara and Elesis (because Ara’s spear looks like Little Specter’s spear, and Elesis has another slim/thin sword). The weapon gives 75 Physical & Magical damage, which is the same as Velder Imperial set. And that is quite high.


New Etrian Odyssey: Millennium Maiden - Fredrika Trailer (3DS)