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Yu-Gi-Oh Head Canon: The people of Kul Elna were still alive when they were smelted into the Millennium Items.

The Millennium Tome called for 99 human sacrifices in order to create the seven Millennium Items. Not only did this call for their blood, bones, and flesh to be smelted into the gold that created them but the souls of the people were needed to give the Millennium Items their magical properties. To accomplish this, Akhenaden had them sedated so they wouldn’t struggle and dropped them in one by one as Bakura watched them drown and burn to death in the metal.

(Alternative head canon is that the medicine used for sedation was opium. Being a powerful drug that allowed for Egyptians to perform surgeries, it was the perfect choice and allowed for the victims to stay alive long enough for their inevitable demise. A terrible twist, however, is that opium is also a well known ingredient in morphine, which is a well known treatment for chronic pain. So, if any of the victims were “lucky”, the agony they felt may have been lessened by the effects of the opium.)

(This head canon is only supported by the Japanese anime. If you listen closely, you can hear the screams of the victims coincide with the bodies dropping in.)

tbh i could not imagine being joined at the soul to an ancient spirit that becomes aware of like everything i think and do. I can only picture it going like this:

spirit: please…,,,
my brain: taaaaaaake onnnnn meeeeeeee (take on me!) ta-
spirit: ….. please….. stop…….
my brain: -ke mE OONNNNNN!!!
spirit: it’s been three hours please
my brain: i’ll BE GOOONNNEEE!! in a day or TWOOOOOOOOOO
spirit: AHHHHHH

spirit: do you really need to eat FOUR zebra cakes?

me: Sorry, gold doesn’t go with the my outfit today

RWBY Musings: Gonna take a wild guess as to what I think Oscar’s semblance might be as I believe it could play a role in helping Jaune to finally awaken his.

According to what Ren said in Chapter 4, it is stated that one’s personality can define their semblance or vice versa. That being said, my guess for Oscar’s semblance is something to do with his mind, particularly the way how his mind is right now.

What if…and this is stretch here…Oscar’s semblance will have something to do with dreams and memories which will then grant him a more enhanced ability to connect to others through his mind.

(Fasten your seat belts and grab yourself a snack readers. This is gonna be a long one)

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Two souls were both two sides of the same coin. Descended from mixed Egyptian and Greek blood, Judai and Johan were born with the abilities to see spirits. Judai can look at a person and see if their Ka has been infused with dark monsters and Johan with light. During Atem’s Father’s reign as Pharaoh, Judai was a prince that was taken captive as a prisoner of war, Johan his guard. When his father died, Atem could see their potential and offered them sanctuary in his harem. Judai took that sanctuary and Johan as well on the condition that he was to be Judai;s personal guard. 

Because he can see the dark spirits within people, Atem gifted him the Millennium Key. 

GOD I missed drawing them SO much.

Yugioh the darkside of dimensions English dub vs original Japanese

Also explanation of stuff and questions but OBVIOUSLY SPOILERS

Will add after I see the movie in english again, feel free to discuss/add anything else you noticed

But here’s a non-spoilery review:

Characters 8/10: The original cast is back and characterizaions are kept true to the 4kids version but with a feeling they kept from the original manga as well. Aigami himself is interesting but his motivation/endgoal is rather confusing and falls flat though it is more complex than other ygo movie villains we’ve seen.

Animation 9/10: While I would’ve preferred the 3D cgi kept to lower levels I can understand why with the insane intricate designs of the new monsters. Kagami as lead animation shines through with his style “strong face joey”, beautiful hands, etc etc brings back memories of some of the original anime’s most important duels. A scene with Yugi putting on the new duel disk was keyed by Takahashi himself so a fun easter egg! 

Story 9/10: Story-wise while I can see where Takahashi was trying to go with this but overall the plot was somewhat confusing. “Dimension summoning” i’m just going to straight up call it “we’re not even going to try to follow the actual card game rules anymore summoning” so avid TCG players may have a difficult time figuring out wtf is going on in the duels BUT non-TCG players will enjoy it more since it’s certainly more “flashy”. 

Overall 9/10: Bonds Beyond Time seemed to be a testing ground for Kagami - 3D team and DSoD is where the two really shine. While BBT was for the series 10th anniversary featuring DM, GX, and 5D’s (though extremely heavy on 5D’s plot due to it being the current running series), DSoD celebrates the series’ 20th anniversary and as such provided Takahashi with the means to answer quite a few of the major questions left after the conclusion of the manga. Takahashi brings a good end to certain character arcs and wraps up his original manga in a spectacular must-see epilogue for any original yugioh fan or those who remember yugioh from their childhood. 

Most theaters will only show for a day or two and only through next week so check the list for theaters near you:

And now for the key differences/plot questions (answered?) (SPOILERS AFTER THE CUT)

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