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“Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran | Choreography by Kyle Hanagami

at Millennium Dance Complex


Haley Fitzgerald
Stephanie Mincone
Emma Hauser

Evan DeBenedetto
Adam Vesperman
Michael Dameski

Ryan Vettel
Emma Hauser

Idaliz Cristian

Tale of Two Legends

At the end of every life comes death. It is every mortal’s destiny to die. As morbid as that seems it is the only way to keep the balance of life. But many mortals do not realize this and wish for eternal life. Luckily most mortals only wish for immortality, very few have the audacity to try and achieve it. Those who do try to attain it are extremely greedy creatures, and almost always human.

Humans are the worst of the bunch yet the Alpha wishes to let them live. It was a couple millenniums ago when a group of humans tried to achieve immortality; they payed the price of their lives. The story started of in a village known for pillaging other surrounding villages and stealing from travellers. They had enough riches to last them twenty life times but they still wanted more.

They turned to the legendary pokemon of life Xerneas, the Keeper of Life was the answer to their problems. They sent their best priests to the Keeper of Life’s shrine. The night before they had created a plan, you couldn’t just beg for life. When the sun began to set they burst into the shrine in hysterics.

The Keeper of Life was, understandably, worried for their subjects. They didn’t recognize them as regular visitors, so it must have been urgent matters.

The priests fell at the Keeper’s feet blabbering on about a great beast sucking the life out of their people.  A red beast that flew through darkened clouds and picked off whatever corpses fell.

The Keeper only chuckled, it was their old friend Yveltal, the Reaper. It wasn’t uncommon for them to get hungry and pick of a few mortals souls for a meal. Although they usually didn’t stick around too long. Nor did they kill off so many people at once. The Keeper laughed when the priests suggested giving the village immortality as protection.

“Don’t be silly, you come seeking help, not punishment. I shall speak with the Reaper, I’m sure it’s just a misunderstanding,” they told the priests.

The priests returned to the village empty handed. The villagers, outraged, decided to kill them off. They had no use for priests who couldn’t even fulfill simple tasks.

Day passed before the Keeper found the Reaper. In a mountain cave near the sea slept the Reaper. Hidden amongst their treasures and rotting half eaten corpses.

Feeling the presence of another legendary the Reaper woke up ready to put on a show for whoever it was. Realizing that it was an old friend he greeted the Keeper happily. It had been so long since they had met, last time it had ended in a scuffle. It wasn’t uncommon for them to fight, but it was usually insignificant.

The meeting started out peaceful, one could even call it friendly. But the cheerful mundane talks quickly turned into hideous accusations. The Keeper tried to confront the Reaper but all accusations were denied.

Unlike their other fights this one turned ugly. This wasn’t their first physical fight but this one escalated far too quickly. It soon came to the point where they both began to use their powers.

With huge burst of their powers being thrown into the air the balances were thrown off. Mortals died too soon, life began sprouting in places where it shouldn’t. Worst of all was the corpses that were brought back to life. It was complete mayhem and nobody could stop it. The constant cycle of life and death had collapsed in a matter of weeks.

The people of the village ran to the shrine of the Alpha, begging for them to stop the endless suffering.

The Alpha agreed to help them, but as punishment the villagers would have to set the trap themselves. It’s a miracle the Alpha didn’t kill them there and then.

In their desperation they immediately agreed and went off to start building. When it was completed all there was to do was wait.

In their fight the Keeper and the Reaper were unaware of what the mortals had been working on. They soon stumbled onto a round platform surrounded by strange stones. Before they knew it a strong zap came from the platform stunning them, they could feel their energy being drained from them. As their powers were siphoned from them, a strange marks began to glow on the stones and platform.

In their outrage they tried to escape but to no avail. Their furious screams soon turned into cries for help as the energy being drained from them began to feel painful.

The Alpha soon descended hearing the commotion. Ignoring the pleas for release the Alpha sent a wave of energy toward the platform.

All that was left was a tree  and a seed. Picking up the seed the Alpha left without another word.

“Ugh, great! Another waste of my time. I’ll never get it at this rate!”

It seems Jasper has found a strange book, he doesn’t seem to pleased with it though.

((Ah man, the background is weird, I kinda like it though. Sorry for the long read, it probably wasn’t all the good.))

Madamislander’s X-Files Rewatch: Season 7; episodes 3, 4 and 5

  Happy Sunday! Below are the descriptions for this week’s episode including original airdates for Mr. @kleeklutch‘s benefit! ;) If you’d like to join us for any of the rewatch this week, just message one of us and we will add you to our chat group. We generally watch on weekdays at 5:30 p.m. EST.

Episode 3: Hungry (Original airdate: November 21, 1999)

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Rob Roberts has an addiction to human brains. As he tries to control this overpowering hunger and turn his life around, Mulder and Scully try to find out who the brain-eating monster is.    

Episode 4: Millennium (November 28, 1999)

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At the turn of the 21st century, a religious fanatic enlisted by the Millennium Group resurrects four members of the group as zombies to bring about the end of the world. Mulder and Scully enlist the help of Frank Black to help stop the apocalyptic designs of the Millennium Group.    

Episode 5: Rush (December 5, 1999)

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A high school boy is accused of the violent murder of a sheriff’s deputy. Mulder believes he is innocent. The agents find that someone with super-human speed may be the culprit.    

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  • so the year is 1977 and luke skywalker is a recent high school grad on the cusp of the summer before he heads off to a Good College to start pre-law and become the lawyer his aunt and uncle want him to be
  • luke’s real passion, of course, is MUSIC; luke’s father, who died when luke was very young, was a pioneering music journalist, covering the early days of true rock ‘n roll. luke has saved all his dad’s clippings and dabbles in music journalism himself, even though the local record store is woefully inadequate and good bands hardly ever tour on tatooine.
  • one day, by happenstance, luke runs into the aging rock critic obi-wan kenobi - a former colleague of his father, whose writing luke ADORES. luke begs obi-wan to read his clippings, and obi-wan reluctantly agrees; the kid, he sees, has incredible, raw talent.
  • obi-wan’s been invited to tour with up-and-coming rock group Millennium Falcon, to cover the story for the galaxy’s biggest music magazine… he invites luke along for the summer, as an intern, an assistant. luke is THRILLED.
  • Millennium Falcon is a three-piece rock outfit consisting of groundbreaking, fiercely aggressive drummer leia organa, stoner bassist chewbacca, and charismatic frontman han solo
  • luke and han fall in love, a fact which is discovered by rival rock journalist and obi-wan’s sworn industry enemy darth vader 
  • vader threatens to out han, a move which would effectively end his career; han’s moneygrubbing manager jabba the hutt gets wind of this and threatens to drop han from the label if the news gets out
  • han doesn’t tell luke in order to protect him, but encourages him to leave the tour, go home, and get ready for college - when luke, incredibly hurt, can’t understand why han wants to get rid of him, han sells him to humble pie for $50 and a case of beer
  • luke goes off to write a story on humble pie, is heartbroken, and abandons his rock journalist dreams to go to college in the fall
  • the news about han never gets out
  • obi-wan is so upset about these events that he retires from his magazine in protest
  • luke’s college hosts a big concert every year to welcome freshmen and, by sheer coincidence, this year’s suprise act is none other than Millennium Falcon
  • the second the band comes out luke turns around and begins to push his way back through the crowd, tears in his eyes
  • han sees him in the crowd and stops the song, calls out luke’s name
  • luke pauses, turns, staring up at the stage, at the man who broke his heart
  • the band begins to play a song called May The Force Be With You, which han wrote especially for luke, as an apology
  • luke is overcome with emotion, han instructs the security guards to bring him up to the stage, they kiss passionately at the song’s climax, han formally comes out the next day and becomes a gay rights pioneer,