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We know that Trump's hardcore supporters aren't going to desert him now, so which demographic is Hillary trying to win over before November (millennials, baby boomers, etc.)?


HEY YOUNG PEOPLE, PLEASE VOTE FOR HILLARY CLINTON. It’s very important. That’s why Hillary was campaigning today with Bernie Sanders and Barack and Michelle Obama are going all-out to campaign for her.
Sanders takes Clinton’s case to young voters
The Democrat leans on her socialist rival as she tries to tell a positive, Trump-free tale of her candidacy. By ANNIE KARNI

DURHAM, N.H. – It was the threat of a common enemy – not any particularly deep love for one another – that united Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders last July at their first joint rally in Portsmouth after a long and bitter primary race.

But during their second joint event of the general election, staged at the University of New Hampshire here on a brusque fall day that brought back visceral memories of last year’s hard-fought race, Clinton turned to the Vermont Senator instead to help deliver the lesser known, positive case for her candidacy.

This time, the former rivals – more comfortable with each other than during their first go-round – barely mentioned Donald Trump. In front of a crowd of about 1,200 that lined up hours in advance, Clinton and Sanders sat as partners in a dry panel discussion to discuss debt-free college, part of Clinton’s new aim to combat her high negative numbers by giving “Americans something to vote for, not just against.”

“We have to focus on what we want to do,” Clinton said, revisiting the kind of policy rollout discussions that drove her primary fight before she entered the Trump-bashing phase of her campaign. “We’re going to put a moratorium so you don’t have to pay your student debt back for a couple of years while you try and get your business started. We’re also going to provide loan forgiveness for people who want to go into public service or national service.”

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