Thus Began the Reign of the Millennials

2015 is the first year that the Millennial generation makes up more of the voting age population than any other generation.  

That is why the older generation is trying to suppress your vote. They know that you can change the world they destroyed.

The first step we should take is getting Bernie Sanders elected President of the United States. We should show the world that we refuse to stand aside while an older and smaller generation insists on the destruction of our Democracy.

This is just the beginning, This is the first year we have as the largest voting generation in US History.  

Let’s make the most of it.

Dear Millennials,

Do you hate the way Baby Boomers talk about you?  Well, I want you to remember something:

The Baby Boomers were also the generation of the Hippies.  And the so-called Greatest Generation said the exact same things about the Baby Boomers as the Baby Boomers say about Millennials.

The exact same things.  The only thing missing was the word “selfie”.

Hippies/Baby Boomers were called lazy and entitled.  They were called selfish and self-important.  They were treated as if they didn’t know how to work or show proper respect for their elders and everybody thought that they wanted some sort of special treatment.  The Baby Boomers were perceived as this group who thought everything was all about them.  If you asked the Baby Boomer Hippies, at the time, they’d say they were just exploring sexuality and fighting racism and trying to do away with the old ways because the old ways weren’t working.  They fought and they protested and they were passionate.

Then, to borrow a phrase from The Dark Knight, “you either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become a villain.”  That’s what happened to the Baby Boomers.  But, there’s a third option.


Remember what this feels like.  Remember what it’s like to be in your teens and twenties.  Remember that it’s not easy.  Remember everything the past generation says about you.

Because there will come a day when the Millennials are in their 30s and 40s and 50s.  Where the President and Congress will all be Millennials.  Where you will be the establishment.  You will be in charge.

And there will be people of your generation, your age group, who will look at the Post-Millennials and say “Look at how selfish and disrespectful they are!  What is wrong with their music?  What is wrong with their hair?  They can’t be separated from their technology for one second, can they?!  People in my generation knew how to work hard!  They weren’t lazy and entitled like these kids are!”

It will happen.  Don’t let it.

Fight it.  Fight for yourselves now but, when you’re older, fight for the next generation.

Break the cycle.

If you hate the way you’re treated by the older generation and the media, then remember that and don’t do it to the ones who come after you.


do they EVER put down their phones??


Don’t mind me, i’m just connecting with my millennial youth.

the baby boomer who made this probably:  Those damn millennials and their Pokemon Go giving them another excuse to stare at their phone all day!! How can I capitalize on this craze and show how bitter i am towards millennials at the time? *draws this with the bitterness in their soul*