• natgeo Video by @bertiegregory. Yacare caiman are capable of making water dance! When displaying to potential mates and showing members of the same sex who’s boss, they sink down into the water so their backs are just below the surface. They then produce a spooky low frequency booming noise which causes this bizarre spectacle. Shot for @stevewinterphoto, @natgeowild and @natgeo. Follow @bertiegregory for more wildlife adventures.

okay @ dance side of tumblr, i have a question for you. there’s a specific dance move someone always ends up doing in just about every 50s musical i’ve seen that’s just. my absolute favorite thing. it’s like… an angled turn/spin with wide arms. but i can’t figure out if it has a name or not. so. here’s all the gifs i could find of people doing this particular move. if it has a name, pLS LET ME KNOW BECAUSE I AM IN LOVE WITH IT AND I WANT TO MASTER IT AND TALK ABOUT IT BY NAME ALL THE TIME. it looks so free and open and fun. gah.

….honestly it seems like i’ve mostly seen gene kelly do it lol.

or donald o’connor. with gene kelly.

but i’ve seen donald do it in his movies, too. not just with gene lol.

like maybe some of these are different moves altogether and the only thing uniting them is the fact that they’re spinning/turning and spreading their arms and it’s just a generic thing but. if it’s actually a move in itself i’d rEALLY LIKE TO KNOW WHAT IT IS BECAUSE I AM IN LOVE WITH IT.



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vivalawiva  asked:

Hi there ;) If you feel like it: Top 10 Times Yuuri Flashed The People Of Torville Cove?

idk if you’d consider it top, but these are the 10 most memorable incidents…

10) a lot of people in town have spotted him clambering onto the rocks at lovers’ point completely naked. it’s a little bit of a “you know you’ve really settled into torvill” kind of thing if you’ve spotted the local mysterious heartthrob’s eccentric sunbathing habit (or at least, that’s what they think he’s doing)

9) that one time he got into a fight with a seal and, mildly injured, had to limp up to viktor’s cottage for antiseptic and bandages? he was naked for a portion of that while he looked around for some way to make himself more presentable, finally settling on stealing a sailcloth from a boat that had been left near the little beach. whoever rented that boat was surely in for an unpleasant surprise whenever they resurfaced from their diving trip in the harbour haha

8) when he was 6, he would regularly streak through the hotel in a mad dash to avoid taking baths. several hotel guests had thought it was adorable. mari, who would be tasked with chasing after him with a towel, thought otherwise.

7) that one time he saved viktor’s life after the idiot got caught in a storm in the middle of the harbour. of course he didn’t necessarily flash everyone except maybe the plisetskys, but he certainly wasn’t wearing anything when he was checking to make sure viktor was okay.

6) one year during hogamany he had too much to drink and ended up pole dancing on one of the lampposts on the pier. then again, the rest of the town had been in similar states of inebriation, so the memorability of this incident is debatable. phichit swears he took videos.

5) when he was 17 and just finished with the last of his advanced highers, he agreed to go to a party held at the crispino winery to celebrate the end of exams. there, he might have overindulged on mead. he might not remember what he did, but sara crispino swears up and down that he had streaked through the entire estate and then tried to give her brother a lap dance.

4) when he was 10, vicchan stole his towel when he was swimming under mari’s supervision. they’d been under the pier so that there could be more privacy for the transformation, and yuuri had gotten out of his skin when he realised that his towel was missing and that vicchan was already halfway to the boardwalk with it. cue a naked 10 year old yuuri chasing after his puppy on the beach, and tongues wagged for a couple days about the katsuki boy liking skinny dipping. i don’t think some of the older people in the town really forgot.

3) yuuri was a very popular first-footer during hogamany because you know, he fits the description of being dark-haired and all of that. one year, he was asked to first-foot nearly half of the houses in town. by the time he was done, he was so drunk on whiskey that the last of the houses saw him on the doorstep dressed in nothing but black bun. 

2) yuuri tried on a kilt once, you know, traditional style and all of that. it was also a very windy day. viktor was very pleased. the rest of the town less so.

1) on the roof of yu-topia, gazing at the stars with viktor. the only reason he was naked was because he’d gotten wildly drunk with viktor and the two of them had somehow thought it a good idea to drag his old telescope up to the widow’s walk on the roof of the resort and try their hand at astronomy. there might have been misheard comments about people who might or might not have been named chihoko, but either way mari went up to fetch them and found them cuddling.