millenium challenge

How about a challenge? I couldn’t find any dgm challenges so i made it by myself. I really wanna perform it… But not all positions ^^”

I’ll be happy if you take it to draw something from it)


                             [ Hellsing  Challenge ]

                   Ten characters; 1 x 10
                              Herr Doktor

     “” The battle is his symphony… and we are his instruments.
                  Great, howling instruments, wailing his cacophonous thoughts! “”

My favourite example of an education system assigning a flawed book is that one book, Blink, that like everybody who goes through American middle schools have to read. I mention it in specific because it uses Millenium Challenge 2002 & Lt. Gen. Paul Van Riper as an example; mentioning how he was using WWII methods of motorcycle messengers and light signals to transmit orders and launch airplanes without radios. The point of the use is to say “despite fighting like a guerilla force and succesfully sinking a NATO fleet, the ‘blue’ side refloated that fleet and stacked the deck to win”, and using it to justify the thought of “American high command wanted COIN strategy to look good and didn’t care if it cost lives later on when we invaded Iraq & Afghanistan.”

When in reality, Lt. Gen. Van Riper’s “motorcycle messengers” moved at the speed of light.  People have said that Van Riper ruled he was firing huge anti-ship missiles from speedboats that couldn’t physically support the missiles, much less mount the electronics gear to operate them. A whole lot of shit has been flung on both sides, and Blink chose a side specifically to go “see? The government don’t care so long as they get their way, and so thousands of troops died as a result,” without showing the other side’s reasons for their actions or presenting a counter-argument.


I have been trying to art to keep myself busy, keep my spirits up, and keep in practice.  So started the Star Wars posters.  Now I have decided to impose a challenge on myself, for the month of December, one poster a day for the new movie. (Multiple posters can have the same characters, but not the same design)

Here are the six I have done so far as well as the newest addition:

Star Wars poster #7: “C3P0″