millenial whining

there’s a joke post going around saying “ vine’s deletion > burning the library of alexandria” and like obviously the joke is all the snotty faux intellectuals in the comments whining about millenials disrespecting history or some shit but no listen, op is sort of right? old libraries only included content created by respected scholars, it’s not like any commoner could just walk in and shelve their own work next to it. whereas in the current age creating and sharing content is becoming increasingly more accessible to people of all sorts of backgrounds, meaning that the voices of people who have never been afforded a dedicated platform are finally able to be heard. Like obviously vine was just shitposts and aesthetic videos but it was also a look into the sense of humour, life, creativity and experiences of people, which is priceless as a record because it’s something you can never faithfully recreate if the original is lost. I’m freaked out by mortality in general though so sorry for rambling

captain-hern-birdseeds  asked:

Stop trying to change the world. It won't be improved by silver spoon-fed millenials that are whining about the most successful demonstration of democracy in history. Stop treating millenials like they are unique and special. Shut up and be American.

“Stop trying to change the world.”

“It won’t be changed by silver spoon-fed millennials…”
Not silver spoon-fed. Not a millennial.

“… Whining about the most successful demonstration of democracy in history.”
Voicing opinions and beliefs is not whining. And losing the popular vote by almost 3,000,000 votes is not what I’d call the “most successful demonstration of democracy in history”.

“Stop treating millennials like they’re unique and special.”
I’m not a millennial but I treat them like I’d treat anyone. Even you who is whining louder than ANY of them.

“Shut up and be American.”
No. Being American is everything that is loud and opinionated and speaking out for change you want. The Founding Fathers weren’t quiet. Lincoln didn’t shut up. FDR didn’t quit treating people like they deserved dignity and respect and a better tomorrow. I will not shut up because I AM an American.


I’m laughing my ass off at these comments by pissy baby boomers on the Wall Street Journal article about Pokemon Go’s stock impact. That first person especially, who managed to somehow go from whining about a phone game to whining about millenials voting for Hillary in the space of 3 sentences.