This happens when we have English class.

Or rather no English class.

Was inspired by this lovely artwork: and also by a friend’s art project of turning her friends into dryads, although I set my focus on mother nature and how the nature is slowly collapsing although we prefer seeing the good of the nature.



I need muses!

No joke. I need people who take a picture of themselves doing either a stupid pose or a stupid face expression. I’ll try to draw them realistically in order to practise a lottle!

Please only do this if you’re fine with the result being posted on Tumblr (of course I’ll show you the result beforehand either via Tumblr or Skype).


I need someone (preferably a male person I’m friends with because I did this with a female person last year) who can send me a profile picture of themselves monthly (expression as you wish) to practise different touches of realism and surrealism. For this I only need one person who has the courage to get drawn. Again, it would be cool if you’d agree that I submit the results of my studies on Tumblr. (✿◠‿◠)

Especially for the first project, feel free to share this!