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EMMA: Magic’ll protect the car, Regina!

REGINA: Emma! Boat! This isn’t normal!

EMMA: Don’t look directly at'em.

Oh, these two. SQ are good in any scene, any story. 😂

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Regina has a habit of locking doors all the time so when she accidentally locks Emma out, she gets really nervous about her being mad

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TW for references to child/marital abuse. 

Regina sighs in relief as she stands in her foyer. The doors and windows are all locked which means she’s safe. It was only when the curse broke that her obsession with locked doors returned, when people started to threaten to attack, to hurt her and her family.

It brought back memories of other demons, of mothers and husbands who she wanted to keep out but never could. 

Archie’s helping her and on good days she doesn’t need to double check the locks. On bad days, on mornings after nightmares she walks around checking windows and doors. 

“You’re safe,” she murmurs before she hears a bang at the door. She freezes as if waiting for the lock to break only to hear Emma call, “I forgot my key. Regina, let me in.”

Regina hesitates panic filling her as she thinks back to being a young girl, to her mother bursting into the room with magic, punishing her for daring to think she could lock her out. Her breathing grows sharp and panicky as she hesitantly approaches the door. 

“Em-Emma,” Regina whispers. 

“Yeah it’s me,” Emma replies. There’s a pause before she adds, “I’m not mad Regina. I promise. Just let me in.” 

She’s heard those words before too but the difference is this time, with Emma, they’re true. She exhales another shaky breath before slowly unlocking the door. She opens it just enough to let Emma in before slamming the door shut and locking it tight. 

She rests her head against the door taking a few deep calming breaths before turning to face Emma. She wraps her arms tightly around herself as she whispers, “I’m sorry.” 

“It’s okay,” Emma replies rushing forwards and gently wrapping Regina in a reassuring embrace, “I’m not mad…”

“But I locked you out.” 

“I know you did,” Emma says, “But not on purpose. You’re trying to keep danger away, to keep me and Henry protected. I just forgot my key.” 

Regina nods wrapping her arms around Emma as she allows herself the relief of feeling safe. 

Emma kisses the top of her head as she promises, “I won’t forget again.” 

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