Happy Easter from the Roosevelt Library!

Here Eleanor Roosevelt sits with a group of children during the annual White House Easter Egg Roll on April 10, 1939.

The items seen here are various gifts the Roosevelts received for Easter:

  • Easter cards sent to the Roosevelts during FDR’s youth.
  • Handmade crocheted wreath pin sent to Eleanor in 1940 by Cecilia Forcier of Millbury, MA.
  • Embroidered image made by the Roosevelts’ daughter Anna and given to her grandmother Sara Delano Roosevelt.
  • Illuminated manuscript page presented to Eleanor for Easter 1959 by the Reverend William Turner Levy.


Our family friends in Massachusetts just got a brand new puppy, Katie, who is only 14 weeks old…

On Saturday (7/12), the family went out to celebrate their son’s 10th birthday and came back to find their house broken into, ransacked (personal belongings/jewelry gone), and their puppy stolen…

Katie has been making the local news recently but still hasn’t been found.. The family is completely torn up and is needing their baby back… They don’t know what more they can do but to look to social media to help spread their story…

Please, please, please take a second to reblog this post to help spread awareness of this case to help Katie come home! xx

(Links to news stories if you care to read further: )