madthoughts  asked:

I read Hickman's QA on millarworld today and it made me think-- so many of your contemporaries are moving to creator-owned books only, leaving Marvel behind. What makes you stay? Not complaining!

 quick answer: i love it. i love making these comics. if i didn’t, i would move on.

 and I also love making creator owned comics every week. i am taking a break from writing an episode of The second season of the powers television show to answer this question. and we are just about to put an issue of powers to the printer.  with the TV show in production no one other than Robert Kirkman and Mark Miller is enjoying the fruits of their long labors in creator owned comics more than Michael and myself.

BUT…  why don’t I leave and just do that? I don’t want to. and…

i feel tremendous loyalty to joe because marvel plucked me out of literal obscurity and gave me daredevil and spider-man based solely on the fact that they loved my creator owned work.  

lots of people talk about the companies lack of creator loyalty, but it goes both ways.  loyalty is a precious commodity in this life.

sure, some days i am frustrated with my bosses.  who in this life isn’t?

but all of my problems are high-class problems and i am quick to remember this…

dan buckley created a creator owned imprint so i had somewhere safe to sell my comics and ten years ago i REALLY needed it. 

years ago, when my wife was very sick marvel sent groceries to my house with a note that said: ‘if we need to we will put your books on hiatus,  we will not replace you or do fill ins. you worry about your family.’ my wife rebounded quickly but i will NEVER forget that gesture. 

and over all these years they have backed my passion and creativity with tremendous faith and collaberation right up to the launch of Ironman which we are all very excited about.

 and as my children get older it is truly exciting to watch their mouths drop open in shock when they find out what I do for living. ‘ you write guardians of the galaxy?? wow!!’ :-)

so everyone follows their own path. mine has always been straddling both worlds. and I’m having a lot of fun and creative freedom in both so why wouldn’t I do both as long as I’m allowed to.