Eggsy Unwin Bio

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Full Name: Garry “Eggsy” Unwin

Early Life: Born to Lee and Michelle Unwin in 1991. His father was trying to become a spy for the top-secret underground organization known as Kingsman when he was killed. During the time between Eggsy his father dying and joining Kingsman himself, Eggsy’s mother remarried a local drug dealer and degenerate who she had another child with. At one point Eggsy attempted to join the Royal Marines but dropped out and led a rather aimless, life that consisted mostly of stealing and getting into trouble.

Work: Eggsy was asked to join Kingsman after he was bailed out of jail by Harry Hart, a Kingsman agent also known as Galahad. Harry said he say potential in Eggsy and asked him to join the others in training to see if he was cut out for it. Eggsy managed to make it through the entire training including being tied to train tracks and interrogated to see if he would reveal his involvement in Kingsman but he didn’t break. Eggsy was only asked to leave the organization after he failed the test of shooting his dog J.B. with what was later revealed to be a blank bullet. He was asked to return later on after Harry Hart was presumed dead and Agents Merlin and Lancelot (Roxy Morton) requested his help.

Secret Talents: Eggsy trained as a gymnast as a child, a sport which he dropped out of officially but as we see in the movie by his parkour skills, he clearly maintained and utilized the skills in other ways. Eggsy is also considered to be a genius.

Fun Facts:

Kingsman is also a comic book produced by the company Millarworld (started by a former author of Marvel comics). Netflix actually recently purchased Millarworld so hopefully soon we will be seeing some shows like Old Man Logan, Kick-Ass, Kingsman or even something completely new.

In the comics, Harry is actually Eggsy’s uncle.

Taron Egerton is sort of afraid of dogs and said doing the scenes with J.B. were nerve-racking for him.

More than 60 actors were screen tested to play the role of Eggsy, including John Boyega and Jack O’Connell.

The infamous underwater scene almost killed the actors in the scene after the computers that monitored the water broke as soon as the scene started.

Mark Miller (the writer of Kingsman comics) said he named Eggsy after one of his school friends who got the nickname simply because he didn’t like eggs.

Personality: loyal, smart, quick-witted, always getting himself into trouble, passionate, wants to do what’s right, impulsive