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En este momento, en territorios chilenos, hay una machi (chamán mapuche) y un lonko (jefe mapuche) en la cárcel por defender TIERRAS sagradas…

Solamente intentemos que salgan de la situación, ROMPÉ EL SILENCIO:

“¡Intento! Que salga libre la machi Millaray. ¡Intento! Que lonko Juana alcance la victoria”.


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Headcanons about minkuri whenbrhwy have millaray

As you know Lon time ago I drew minkuri, renao, Noijaku children. So I thought of some headcanons for mink and clears baby golden flower (what millaray means in native american)

1. Millaray actually has bad vision. Worse than Mink’s. If she takes off her glasses the other Sid of the I living room is blurry.
2. Millaray love music. Since clear is music derived. She tends to sing alot with her and in Mink’s native tongue.

3. When millaray cou out mama clear was a robot she wasn’t angry she was hapo y and said ” so no matter what mama clear wont leave us!”


Hermosa amiga cantante :3 eres genial :3 @millaray


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