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I will try my best to be nice.


If you are this lame and can get offended by few words, see a doctor or something. Don’t fucking act so innocently like you never used a word “faggot” yourself. Have you at least heard some real American rap? Do you know what rap is and history of it? You have no right to hate him for this. This is not some kpop song about how beautiful you fugly ass is. It is not some 1D song to say you are beautiful. It is not some lame song of Bieber “oh baby oh babyyyyyy blah blah blah”. Stop bashing him if you are lame yourself. HE PROVED US HE IS NOT AFRAID OF SAYING ANYTHING HE WANTS TO. HE PROVED US HE IS A TOUGH COOKIE. AND YES, NOT EVERYBODY CAN EAT TOUGH COOKIES.

What is more, it is so funny to see white people getting offended by that flag than black ones. I believe he respects them and it wasn’t racist at all.

Also, even if it is bad to use word “faggot”, it is fucking nothing against what kind of Miley Cyrus image has. Sucking a fake dick in front of her fans? What the actual fuck it is? Zico did nothing that bad. He is an artist, a tough artist. Get over it.

I respect him and I am proud of him. He killed it. That’s how he knows who are real fans and who are just a fake bunch of hurtbutts.

In the end, listen to some rap. Then rethink if you have a right to bash him or send death threats. SO DON’T EVEN DARE TO DO THAT.

We still love you, Zico. Be strong. Be tough cookie.

#Supporting_Zico #sorry_not_sorry