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DAY 1 - IKEBUKURO, Pokémon Center, Sky circus, Sunshine City, Milky Way café & more~!! ♡ 🌴💕

💕✨ ✨💕

In this video we head out & adventure to Ikebukuro - sunshine city!! Which is like the Akihabara for females!! ^-^

We go to the Mega Pokémon Center and the Disney Store, do Purikura, fly up 58 floors and experience Sky Circus and go to a space themed dessert café for some interesting sundae’s!! ^-~

I hope you all Enjoy it~!!




Day 2 of Abi in Japan~!!

In this video we head to our new hotel *sobs* and adventure out to Ikebukuro - Sunshine city!! Which is like the Akihabara for girls!! ^-^

We go to the Pokémon Center MEGA TOKYO and the Disney Store, do Purikura with friends and go to a Space themed dessert Café for some interesting sundae’s!!

^-~ Enjoy~~♪


Milky Way cafe, Ikebukurou - Saturday 2nd May

Popped in here briefly for lunch! Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures right now of everyone else’s parfaits and drinks but this is what I had!

Drink - Frozen Mango
Parfait - Aries

And then the 4 of us shared the sandwiches, which were BBQ chicken and teriyaki chicken! THEY EVEN HAD THE CRUSTS CUT OFF - IT WAS TOO CUUUTE

Not the cheapest place to eat in Japan as the sandwiches were around 885 each, the parfait 864 and the drink I think was 800 ish again but definitely very nice for a one off visit or a treat out and for how nice everything was the extra price was worth it!

We even saw a traffic patrol parade thing going on from the window (the cafe is up on 2nd floor of the building it’s in) but didn’t recognise the guys - though we still took photos. We later found out it was two voice actors - KENN and Yuuki Kaji~!

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Wednesday we went out for Shabushabu in Ikebukuro’s Lab1 building uwu The restaraunt was called Shabu Sai and they’re a tabehoudai/all you can eat style place! We got the collogen yuzu broth and the miso broth! Since you get two choices :) we got the beef and pork course as well. All you can drink (nomihoudai) is only 99 yen more! They bring you the meat, and you self-serve all the drinks and veggies and noodles that you want uwu It was delicious and really filling, and the time limit was actually longer than we needed, too LOL There were three different styles of noodle (udon, ramen, glass) and a ton of different veggies, too uwu and a chicken meatball mix that you could also use :)

Afterwards we went around Ikebukuro a little bit and I got the rivals (Imaizumi/Naruko) drink from the Animate Caravan, and selected the Shinkai coaster this time!!, before deciding that we wanted Milkyway for dessert uwu We were going to go to Namjatown since they said they’d restocked the items I wanted, but I was worried they’d be sold out again since they were so popular aaaaa

This time I got the Scorpio which is chocolate icecream, vanilla icecream, vanilla softserve, whipped cream, small chocolate sticks, slightly salty crackers for the claws, caramel sauce, mango,star biscuits, and corn flakes!

I was kind of clumsy today and knocked over a napkin thing off of the table next to us as I went but picked it up and fixed it (the waiter definitely saw tho weeps) And then we finished eating and everything was wITHOUT ERROR.. but then I went to look at a star tag that had been around Emma’s drink straw but which she had removed and set down on the table and I knocked over my water and the waiter ran over asking ‘ah are you okay?’ and gently patting the water up (I’d been trying to get it with napkins before he TELEPORTED NExT TO US..) and I was so mortified and he just kind of smirked after that and Emma was laughing at me and I was trying TO NO T LAUGH AND I WAS DYING AND THEN HE TOOK THE EMPTY GLASS AND PUT A NEW FULL ONE ON THE TABLE HOW DID HE EVEN ALREADY HAVE A GLASS READY.. -sweating intensifies-

Anyway… .….. when we paid and left he was still grinning and turned to talk to his coworker after wHO ALSO STARTED GRINNING I WAS SO EMBARRASSED RALFMFMLAAO but as long as everyone was having a good time. I will never forget this sdfgsd

May 8: After my test we met up to go to a dance class at Noa dance studio where I’ve been taking classes recently. Jaye made friends at the drop of a hat and the class was so much fun (girls style of course) and we wound down by eating a giant parfait :D chocolate and vanilla ice cream, cookies, cornflakes, crepes and cream. Yum!