MilkyBee Hongdae location. Since I’ve already had the honeycomb at MilkyBee I decided to go for Milky Popping (Lychee). I’ve been curious about what the “popping” would by like since the first time I saw it on the menu. Would it be like lychee tapioca pearls? Gushers? They’re texture turned out to be kind of like eating giant roe. A little thinner skin and more of a “pop” than gushers with a slightly more liquid filling. The lychee liquid was pretty sweet and floral compared to fresh lychee. I found the texture really interesting and pleasant but the sweetness was a little too much for me. I didn’t finish the second layer of bubbles at the bottom. The ice cream here was also a little icier and not as rich as the Myeongdong location. Worth trying the bubbles once for the weirdness, but I recommend getting them in Myeongdong instead of Hongdae. #softservediaries #seoulfood #milkybee (at 홍대 Milky Bee)