milky white kim heechul


Kim Heechul, today you’ve lived 31 years on this earth and you’ve touched more lives than I think you even realize. There was a time in my life when my existence was a flatline, more monotonous than you can imagine. It turned out that all I needed was one flamboyant idol: loud and energetic, with an individual fashion sense, ridiculous dancing, and a face so pretty you claim it causes you problems in public. “Idol - a person or thing that is greatly admired, loved, or revered.” I will say that is what you are, but it’s more, too. It can confidently be said that there is no one on this planet like you, and underneath that bombastic, attention-stealing exterior, there is a heart of nothing less than pure gold.

Heenim, your “-nim” suffix is so deserved; you have never once been too scared to be yourself. I know you had trepidations about your value as an idol at first, but – how ridiculous. You work so hard, always striving to be even more, even better; you’re an invaluable member of Super Junior and you stand by your friends with a loyalty so fierce it could win wars. You, Kim Heenim, are honorable. You have my greatest respect and all my love, and all of ELF and Super Junior love you so dearly. You are irreplaceable. For this year as a 31-year-old, and for every year, month, day, minute to come, be happy, be proud. If humans can be perfect, you’ve done it.

Heechul – dangerous Cinderella, space big star, milky white skin Kim Heechul – from the bottom of my heart: thank you, and happy, happy birthday. ♡

[Fanacc] 140921 SS6 Seoul Day 3 - Heechul

Heenim staring at dancers boobs and comparing them to choose hahahahaha

Heenim on drums, super awesome. Especially the smirk at the end

Heenim dancing after Elf screamed his name then Siwon tapped his butt hahahaha

Heechul: Lee Soo Man-nim please chant along! We love You Kim Heechul, milky white skin Kim Heechul

Heechul so embarrassing he took off his shoes to make a heart

Heenim said he will do it cutely. Then he start digging his nose, took out his shoes & did heart sign with shoes

Before Heenim started to sing his rap part in ‘Don’t Leave Me’ Heenim said “This is a song by Choi Siwon”

Heechul uses the lightstick as if its a magic wand. So cute!

On VCR, Heechul said he is just a normal guy, who like Anna and said 'Aishiteru’ and singing Let It Go~

On VCR, Hae was asked what is Hee’s dream when he was young & he started exploded into laughter without answer

Heechul is dressed up as Anna today! In the end Kim Heenim gets his way ^^

Heenim as Anna is so pretty

Kyu gone crazy with Heenim so Siwon held him back

Heenim got a small Anna doll but the head fell off somewhere hahahahahah

Heenim bringing their trophy for Inkigayo today

Heenim is happily doing all the girl group dances as Hyuk said the girl group members hahaha

Heenim: Actually, when the cake came out I thought “Wow this is so good” with good mood but then everyone was crying so he kinda.. Awkward

Hee to Hyuk “Dont cry you look like Choco”

Heechul: I’m happy that Leeteuk and Yesung were both here. In the next 100 concerts hope we can have all members

Siwon kissed Teuk while Chul wiping tears for him

When Teuk crying and talking at the same time, Heenim was like 'How do u do that with your eyes and mouth’

Teuk said Henry appeared on 'Real Men’ and popular for neck slice. Heenim ask him as Suzy and just do it and Teuk did neckslice to Heechul

Jut now Heechul had his hand around Henry’s neck and his hand on Henry face and pulled him close. I think he wanted to peck his mochi cheeks

Henry was asked to speak in english and he said Heenim asked him not to swear.. Heenim “You have grown up”

Heenim was pulled down by Siwon when he didn’t bow! haha

This Heechul damn joker everyone doing thumb kiss he already changed clothes

Hyukjae piggyback Heenim so cuteee

Heenim already change out of his clothes and he saw members doing thumb kiss so he run out

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