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In the NiGHTS Discord a few weeks ago, we were talking about Owl headcanons and then I did this:

Mah name is Owl
It rhymes with towel
Those dumb Nightmarens
Are really foul
Sometimes I can go up to them and
Peck out an eye
But for beating the army
I’m just not the guy
My homie Nights is pretty chill
Beat up those ‘marens he surely will
At the end of the day
He will surely play
With the rest of the Nightopians and visitors, hey!

Mah name is Nights
It rhymes with rights
Against my brethen
I’ll totally fight
Do I feel regret?
You better not bet
Especially not if they
Rip my tights!
My twin Reala is totally dumb
When I left Nightmare,
He didn’t come
He’d rather stay as Wizzy’s puppet
But I won’t worry, 'cause in Nightopia
I love it!


Grand-duc de Verreaux avalant un serpent / Verreaux’s eagle-owl eating a snake at Pafuri, Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Bubo lacteus (Temminck, 1820) :
- Grand-duc de Verreaux ;
- Verreaux’s eagle-owl - Milky eagle owl - Giant eagle owl ;
- Búho lechoso - Búho de Verreaux…

Ordre : Strigiformes / Famille : Strigidés - Strigidae / Genre : Bubo /
Espèce : lacteus - Espèce monotypique / Longévité : 12 ans.

Le Grand-duc de Verreaux est un rapace imposant, la femelle peut peser jusqu'à 3,100 kg alors que le mâle ne pèsera qu'environ 2 kg.

Derek Keats  / (CC BY 2.0)


anonymous asked:

i've just recently finished reading Haikyuu and i still don't understand: what's up with bokuto and owls..?

first of all, you probably missed the translator’s note in this panel or there wasn’t any:

basically fukurodani academy is the name of bokuto’s team/high school, the kanji 梟 (fukurou) means “owl”.

second of all, every member of fukurodani’s team was based off a different kind of owl, on top of that owls are some of the strongest bird predators with eagles and hawks (which is likely why fukurodani is one of the champion powerhouses). It also doesn’t take too much observation to notice that bokuto’s design refers vaguely to that of an owl… (the spiky hair, the strong eyebrow game)

and here’s a list of what each character’s respective owl is for trivia:

It’s the little things

Sirius: Left handed. Graceful. Only one who can beat James at chess. Terrible poker face. Wears his heart on his sleeve. Half-smirks. Never has to study. Sings a lot. Always goes off on a tangent. Very tidy. Has a lot of nightmares. Likes to steal Remus’ jumpers. Best at transfiguration. Milky coffee. Night owl. Fidgets a lot. Enjoy’s reading fiction. Confides in James. Has an infectious laugh.  

James: A bit clumsy. Always grinning. Takes cups of tea up to Remus in the dorm after full moon in between classes. Early riser. Has a running gobstones score going with Peter. Can beat Remus at chess. Hopeless romantic. Has to study occasionally to remain top of the class. Disorganised. Likes to borrow Remus’ jumpers. Two sugars in his tea. Best at arithmancy. Very tactile. Enjoys reading non-fiction. Can’t hold his liquor. 

Remus: Dry sense of humour. Very good at puns. Great poker face. Studies in the library with Lily and Marlene. Takes long walks with James. Drinks excessive amounts of tea. Organised but messy. Owns an ever decreasing amount of jumpers. Beatles fan. Best at defence against the dark arts. Heavy sleeper. Loves reading fiction. Baths over showers. Sarcastic. Hums when concentrating. Likes winter.  Always sleeps in.

Peter: Laughs a lot. Meticulously tidy. Better than James at gobstones. Best at herbology. Very milky tea. Whistles. Light sleeper. Cat person. Loves gardening. Reads a lot of Agatha Christie. Unexpectedly mischievous. Swaps books with Remus. Tries to return Remus’ jumpers. Good dancer. Dog ear marks books. 

Lily: Snorts when she laughs. One sugar and milk in her tea. Sings a lot. Loves Sci-Fi and Fantasty novels. Made Remus read Lord of the Rings. Not a morning person. Wicked sense of humour. Shows James muggle magic tricks. Best at charms. Loves the rain. Terrible dancer. Doesn’t mind being called Evans by the boys. Has dimples. Duets with Sirius. Nabs Remus’ jumpers sometimes. Owns a lot of scarves. 

My very first attempt at Astrophotography. Its not terribly interesting due to lack of subject, but for my first go ever I’m stoked. It was taken up at Tamborine Mountain on the Gold Coast.

You know a lot of people dont realize this….

But All animals dont make the best of parents…Sometimes animals say to us “Hey this isnt what i signed up for” and then we have to raise the baby for awhile until she comes to her senses or the baby can take care of itself.  This baby Milky Eagle Owl is just one such example. Owl hatchlings are somewhat in between two main categories of hatchlings know as precocial and altricial know as “semi-altricial. Which means that although they maybe covered in down feathers and can stand(more like wobble then fall) they still need parental rearing…

"Precocial” and “altricial,” two words describing the degree of development in young birds at hatching, are good examples of useful scientific jargon. A precocial bird is “capable of moving around on its own soon after hatching.” While Altricial means “incapable of moving around on its own soon after hatchling.” It comes from a Latin root meaning “to nourish” a reference to the need for extensive parental care required before fledgling. 

With most animals we keep, we like to leave as minimum of an impression as possible. To allow nature and instinct to be the main factor in mental development. The best way(well 3rd best technically) to handle that is whats know as puppet rearing(seen here). This is a way of feeding and imprinting so little old man fluff fluff here learns he’s an owl

To learn more things people dont realize about zoos here ~> Zoos Queues


9 by Leon Marais
Via Flickr:
Verreaux’s Eagle-Owl catching the late afternoon sun in a large Apple Leaf tree along the Nwanetsi Creek.