The Best Video Games I Played During 2013

Hello there! Welcome to my semi-official, questionably canon list of my favourite video games that I personally played during the year 2013. Within this list you will find opinions, fallacies, outright lies and the occasional cuss. Adjust your expectations accordingly, and remember; nobody cares about your opinion on my opinion. Or this list.

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milkswords asked:

i really like your art, especially the original stuff you post glimpses of. i can't really describe it, but your style hits me in a sweet spot and i like that the colours make me think of 90s video stores and t-shirts that are a little too stiff to be comfortable. (that's meant as a compliment btw) also, squigelac has a rad design and your blogs are pretty dope. so yeah, you're pretty cool and your art is neat.

im getting to be too scared to post original stuff at all tho because i lose too many followers every time i post original content and thats pretty much the only response i get… “i hate this so much id rather i never see anything from you again”