milkshakes and matchsticks


Author: entanglednow

Summary: This is like the pre-credits sequence of every horror movie, he’s probably going to be eaten before the main character is even introduced.

Info: 52k | Teen and Up

Notes: Wow, just wow. There aren’t many fics which get me chills, you know? And there is even less 50k fics like that. IT WAS WONDERFUL AND BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT. - K.

This series is a slow and rather sweet, yet I feel strikingly realistic depiction of how to date actually feels like – and with the more gruesome reality that both Stiles and Derek live in present. It feels real in how the two of them feel and act, and I really like that. – M

Sneak Peek:

“You’re going to eat all of that?” Derek says dubiously, and Stiles thinks there’s a crack in there somewhere about his eating habits. But he’s a teenage boy, and he’s pretty sure he’s actually going to be taller than Derek in roughly three months. So he’s going to have as many damn delicious snacks as he wants.

“Dude, no, that’s yours.” He passes one of the buckets over, and Derek takes it with a sort of bewildered confusion that seems to say no one’s ever bought him food before.

Stiles waits to see if it sinks in - it doesn’t look like it’s happening.

“Do you want a drink?”


“A drink,” Stiles jiggles his own until it sloshes. “Do you want a drink?”

Derek shakes his head. He looks like he’s not sure if he wants the popcorn.

“It’s fine, if you don’t want it, I’ll eat them both.” Stiles reaches over.

Derek curls a lip at him, and pulls it back out of range.

classic sterek fic recs

I hide all the good stuff in my evernote :p I made this top 100 list 3 years ago when I first jumped on the sterek train and was spending every spare minute reading fic.  Sooo many good fics! AO3 has changed its rating system so watch out for that if that’s something that matters to you. Also, if you have not read cool story, bro…you are missing out! 

A Broken Heart is Blind by halona | NC-17 | 5,327 

A Californian Werewolf in New York by dancinbutterfly, knight_tracer | NC-17 |16, 314

A Long Way To Go by Tekmessa | Teen | 10,572

A Mating Moon by unpossible | NC-17 | 37,354 

According to Plans by eldee | NC-17 | 72, 744 

Ain’t Nothing So Good As Your Cake and Eating It by sofonisba_found | NC-17 | 50,996 

All You’re Giving Me Is Friction by drunktuesdays | PG-13 | 4,707

And Dwell Beneath My Shadow by lielabell | NC-17 | 8,695

anything, anything | ♡ | by drunktuesdays | NC-17 | 5,242

Beltane | ♡ | by DevilDoll | NC-17 | 8,233 

Blushing Pretty by the_deep_magic |NC-17 | 3,256 

Bones Straining Under the Weight by weathervaanes | NC-17 | 15,645

By Any Other Name by entanglednow | NC-17 | 33,090 

By the Hour by janonny | NC-17 | 16,489

By the String of Blue Lights by Lapin | NC-17 | 6,835

Canon in D Major by rufflefeather | NC-17 | 4,225 

can’t be hateful, gotta be grateful by HalfFizzbin | PG-13 | 6,260

Cockblocking for Dummies by KeriArentikai |PG-13 | 3,418 

Come Fly With Me (Or Don’t) by stilinskisparkles | NC-17 | 15,324

cool story, bro by drunktuesdays | NC-17 | 13,087

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anonymous asked:

Hi there! I was wondering if you could rec some slow build sterek fics? Hope you have a lovely day! <3

Oh goodness, slow build, my absolute everything. ;A; I haven’t read too many new ones lately, but here is a collection of my absolute favorites. :)

Hope you enjoy!

Sterek Fic Rec List

Here it is, once and for all, my Sterek fic rec list.

I recommend if you’re just getting into Sterek fic, that you start with two fics, an AU & the fic that would have been the perfect way to make Sterek canon, but ya know…I don’t run the world yet.

The canon fic that’s the perfect intro is “Will to Follow Through” by owlpostagain. It’s a really lovely look at Stiles moving on from Lydia and towards Derek. It actually features Danny (he’s not missing!) heavily and stays so very spot on in terms of characters. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

The AU fic that can’t be missed is “Play Crack the Sky” by WearetheCyclones. A band AU, this fic will attack your emotions in the best possible way. If you have someone that you’re trying to convince to try Sterek, this is the fic you want. It’s gateway Sterek at its best.

The rest of these are in no particular order and though I may not write about all, I absolutely recommend each and every one though as fics I’ve reread many times over. If you need more than this, check out my bookmarks on AO3. If I’ve bookmarked it, I consider that a recommendation.

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jen's smartphone love sterek fic recs

fics that have modernity in them




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Eternal Sterek Voting Results

And the voting is finally over! After 11 days and more than 200 people voting for their favorite fics, the results are in. Thank you to everyone that participated and spent some of their time helping us making these rec lists come true. We know that it was really hard choosing from all these amazing fanfics but together, we can do anything! Even having to choose between so many works of art provided by some of the most phenomenal writers out there.
Because the voting was so tied, we decided to do a top 5 and not a top 3 like we promised initially. But hey, more fics to read right? ;P

We hope you enjoyed this adventure with us and, without further due, here are the results for each category! Congratulations to all the authors and thank you all for the amazing fics!


#1 place goes to Love Runs Wild by DevilDoll with 174 points

#2 place goes to Integral to Survival by asocialfauxpas (fuzzytomato) with 155 points

#3 place goes to Sideways and Slantways and Longways and Backways by hologramophone with 115 points

#4 place goes to Work In Progress by JenNova with 92 points

#5 place goes to 

Five Times Derek Failed To Tell Stiles How He Feels (+1 Time Stiles Knew Anyway) by WhoNatural with 79 points


#1 place goes to Divided We Stand by KouriArashi with 150 points

#2 place ex aequo goes to Play Crack The Sky by WeAreTheCyclones and Prince Among Wolves by tylerfucklin with 117 points

#3 place goes to A Desperate Arrangement by mikkimouse with 113 points

#4 place goes to What I Did on My Summer Vacation by grimm with 108 points

#5 place goes to Unchained by exclamation with 80 points


#1 place goes to Cornerstone by Vendelin with 160 points

#2 place ex aequo goes to with Hide of a Life of War by Etharei and Little Wild Animal by DiscontentedWinter with 118 points

#3 place goes to Stand Fast In Your Enchantments by devilldoll, rahciac with 97 points

#4 place goes to (not so) Pure Imagination by theroguesgambit with 89 points

#5 place goes to Play Crack The Sky by WeAreTheCyclones with 86 points


#1 place goes to Lock All the Doors Behind Me by entanglednow with 156 points

#2 place goes to Play It Again by metisket with 123 points

#3 place goes to Unchained by exclamation with 122 points

#4 place goes to Rumor Has It by WhoNatural with 107 points

#5 place goes to Milkshakes And Matchsticks by entanglednowwith 101 points


#1 place goes to By Any Other Name by entanglednow  with 195 points

#2 place goes to Lock All the Doors Behind Me by entanglednow with 166 points

#3 place goes to Rumor Has It by WhoNatural with 124 points

#4 place goes to Cross our bridges when we come to them by RemainNameless with 87 points

#5 place goes to Traces by standinginanicedress with 77 points


#1 place goes to Cornerstone by Vendelin with 116 points

#2 place goes to Gravity’s Got Nothing On You by zosofi with 109 points

#3 place goes to Little Wild Animal by DiscontentedWinter with 78 points

#4 place goes to Wild Horses by thepsychicclam with 76 points

#5 place goes to Divided We Stand by KouriArashi with 75 points


#1 place goes to Stilinskis’ Home for Wayward Wolves by owlpostagain  with 203 (!) points

#2 place goes to What I Did On My Summer Vacation by grimm with 195 points

#3 place goes to Just Act Normal by zosofi with 153 points

#4 place goes to Sacred (In The Ordinary) by idyll with 103 points

#5 place goes to with 92 points The Newlywed Game by Captain_Loki  with 84 points


#1 place goes to Cornerstone by Vendelin with 167 points

#2 place goes to Play Crack The Sky by WeAreTheCyclones with 131 points

#3 place goes to I Know Where Babies Come From, Derek by DiscontentedWinter with 128 points

#4 place goes to Tiny Houses by ohmyjetsabel with 95 points

#5 place goes to Lock All the Doors Behind Me by entanglednow with 83 points


#1 place goes to Alpha Magazine ‘Verse (series) by WhoNatural with 161 points

#2 place goes to Derek Hale’s Very Bad, No Good (Nice) Summer by stilinskisparkles with 126 points

#3 place goes to But, Doctor! by stilinskisparkleswith 116 points

#4 place goes to The Fixer and the First Son by ebjameston with 111 points

#5 place goes to Kindred Spirits by Stoney and Untamed by rosepetals42 with 96 points


#1 place goes to DILF by twentysomething with 154 points

#2 place goes to Fireman Derek’s Crazy Pie [Cheeseburger Baby] by owlpostagain with 153 points

#3 place goes to Divided We Stand by KouriArashi with 133 points

#4 place goes to Hide of a Life of War by Etharei with 103 points

#5 place goes to (not so) Pure Imagination by theroguesgambit with 90 points


#1 place goes to The Searching Ceremonies by KouriArashi with 180 points

#2 place ex aequo goes to Alpha Magazine ‘Verse (series) by WhoNatural and Play Crack The Sky by WeAreTheCyclones with 114 points

#3 place goes to covalent bonds by HalfFizzbin with 95 points

#4 place goes to Hot Nerd Alert by alisvolatpropiis with 94 points

#5 place goes to Milkshakes And Matchsticks by entanglednow with 91 points


#1 place goes to Peter in Divided We Stand by KouriArashi with 155 points

#2 place goes to Laura in Gravity’s Got Nothing On You by zosofi with 126 points

#3 place goes to Sheriff Stilinski in Hide of a Life of War by Etharei with 105 points

#4 place goes to Lydia in Cupboard Love by mklutz with 93 points

#5 place goes to Jackson in Fireman Derek’s Crazy Pie [Cheeseburger Baby] by owlpostagain with 82 points

Sterek Masterlist

updated 05.11.2014
new recs +
























Milkshakes and Matchsticks

I’m new to Teen Wolf and Sterek so I’ve just been reading anything I can get my hands on. Its been a week of me going “aww” alot. 

But then I found this series and its totally my new headcanon for my new OTP. The awkwardness and adorableness and the inability to communicate! Just…so perfect.

 I mean, I love a good “Derek spills his heart” fic but in my head, Derek and Stiles are just this precious dysfunctional couple that makes so little sense that it swings back around and just sort of works. And this series is the literary embodiment of my Sterek feels right now.

A Response Ficlet to Part 7 of Milkshakes and Matchsticks

you can read part seven here: Run That Past Me Again - Part 7 of Milkshakes and Matchsticks

I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it but when I read this:

“There’ll be no werewolf-zombies,” Derek grumbles out, like he’s annoyed he even has to say it.

“Dude, you realise that saying that is probably the worst thing you can do. Fate will immediately punish you with werewolf-zombies, man, she will.”

I just had to write this:

“You just had to say it didn’t you?! You had to tempt Fate, didn’t you?! You just couldn’t be happy without the zombie apocalypse, could you?! COULD YOU?!” Stiles yelled at Derek as they continued to fight their way through the hoard of zombies that was blocking their escape.

“Shut up,” grunted Derek as he slashed a zombie’s throat with his claws.

Stiles was too busy bashing a zombie’s head in with a baseball bat designed by Dr. Deaton to give an answer. The bat was made from mountain ash and the zombies’ skin shrivelled and burnt when the bat made contact with them. Because this is what happens when the world gives you supernatural zombies.

Too busy dealing with their relationship issues three months ago, Derek and Stiles had left the cemetery to go get pie (freakin’ pie, man!) and Amanda Rollins had risen from the grave - possessed by the ghost of the witch who was a little pissed off that she had been killed by freakin’ werewolves (Stiles could empathise with her on this matter. Being killed by werewolves would suck!) so she had sent her little possessed zombie to bite people who in turn bit even more people who then bit even more people and… you get the picture.

The first werewolf to be bitten was Scott (he had been protecting Allison from a hoard of zombies at the time and it had taken seven bites in order to turn him) Scott’s mom had also been one of the earlier ones to become a zombie what with working at the hospital and all… but that’s not the point. So yeah zombie-werewolves, were-zombies, zombie-wolves they were a thing now. And Stiles had totally been right - they /were/ freakin’ /terrifying/. Think of a faster, stronger, angrier, rabid, zombie with a higher blood-lust and claws and fangs (can’t forget the claws and fangs) and you get a zombie-wolf.

Thankfully there were no zombie-wolves in the hoard Stiles and Derek were battling at the moment because if there were… Derek would have picked up Stiles and just started running in the opposite direction because thus far they hadn’t found a way to kill zombie-wolves (they had super healing damn it!) The mountain ash only hurt them temporarily and the risk of getting infected was too high to get close enough to fight them anyway so… they ran.

Scott the zombie-wolf had been the one to rip Stiles’ dad in half.

After that Stiles had begged Derek to leave. He didn’t want to stay in the town where everything reminded him of what he’d lost. He now understood why Derek and Laura had left after the fire… it hurt too much to stay and be constantly expecting the people you love most to be just around the corner.

Derek, Stiles and what remained of the pack (Peter and Isaac) had left the next day and gone up north (zombies didn’t like the cold. Who would have thought?) to live in one of the national parks (further away from civilisation the fewer zombies… Cities were completely populated by zombies by now).

At first Derek had tried to blame the entire thing on himself:

“If we hadn’t have left the cemetery that night, none of this would have happened!” snarled Derek as he ripped his wrist out of Stiles’ grasp.

“We couldn’t have known,” implored Stiles as he snatched Derek’s wrist back. He couldn’t let Derek just storm off again.

“That doesn’t stop it from being my fucking fault! I suggested we leave when we did. Stiles… your dad would still be alive, Scott would still be alive… I…”



“You heard me! No. You will not put the blame on yourself.”


“I said NO. Because if you blame yourself for leaving then it’s my fault too… and I can’t live like that… I can’t live knowing that all of this,” Stiles gestured around at the abandoned holiday house they were living in at the moment “the fucking APOCALYPSE is my fault… and since I don’t blame myself, I certainly don’t blame you so you shouldn’t either.”

Eventually he got the picture .

So life moved on. Well sort of. The pack lived far away from civilisation (or what was left of it) and only ventured near when something was desperately needed. They hunted and fished and Stiles started a garden around their new house.

The apocalypse had caused many a rift in Stiles’ and Derek’s relationship but it had also helped them realise that it wasn’t how many movies they went to or how many coffees dates they went on. It was the time Derek had thrown himself into a crowd of zombies to pull Stiles out even though Derek had already been safe. It was the time when Stiles fought down another pack of zombies with just his trusty baseball bat to drag Derek away (he had already suffered from four bites protecting Stiles – they healed and Derek didn’t get infected). It was the time they slept out under the skies just because they could and watched the sunrise over the forest. It was the time Derek held Stiles close as he wept from nightmares of the people they had both lost.

It was all of these things and many others which made them what they were. It was all those things and others which proved they loved each other.

(( Ok I’m not sorry – I couldn’t help it, this had to be written))

Milkshakes and Matchsticks

What you need to know: author: entanglednow, words: 52,917, canon compliant thru s2, Stiles forgets that he asked Derek on a date, Stiles/Derek POV


Technical: 9

There are a couple of mistakes here, but I’m only going to make a small deduction because the fic is so long.

Creative: 8

The absolute craziness that’s inside of Stiles’ head is freaking hilarious.

Derek & Stiles’ interactions are just so precious and perfect, I just can’t…

I am going to knock the score down a little here because of the witches, etc. Teen Wolf is a very particular universe with a very particular feel, and in my opinion, some things work in it and some things don’t. Druids notwithstanding, I don’t like it when witches are in canon compliant Sterek fics because they just feel out of place, and I think if the author thought about it long enough, they could come up with something more creative. Maybe if they’re done right, meaning more herbs and less spells, maybe I could get on board, but in general, I don’t want to see any witches, or vampires, or zombies (at least not the “normal” kinds), in my canon compliant Sterek fics. Save those for the AUs.

I love Stiles, I really do, and this will come as no surprise to anyone, but he’s pretty much my favorite character on the show, but he is WAY too emotionally mature during certain parts of this fic, and then WAY too melodramatic in others, drifting into the realm of OOC.

Derek is better, but he can get a little melodramatic as well.

Overall: 8.5

I really like this fic, especially at the beginning where it’s fluffy and light and hilarious, but as it goes on, especially in the last 3 chapters or so, Derek and Stiles, especially Stiles, start to vomit up their emotions all over the place, and that just seems OOC to me.


More Secret Life Sterek fic reviews

The complete Top 50 list

Milkshakes and Matchsticks

Rating: Teen

Length: WIP, currently 30.1K, reads more like a story with multiple parts instead of a story with chapters, in my opinion.

Summary: This is like the pre-credits sequence of every horror movie, he’s probably going to be eaten before the main character is even introduced.

It’s one of those first date, not enough communication to really figure out anything fast enough kind of stories. Stiles gets drunk and Derek helps him out of the woods and finds out some interesting facts in the process.