This gall @yogything a very special place in my heart and she’s leaving the country! So I’ve asked her to perform the very first song she ever did at one of my shows this Sunday at #thisishowwedraggalore at @milkshakefestival #amsterdam #milkshake #milkshake2016 #milkshakefestival #cute #awesome #dragqueens (bij Milkshake Festival)

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Performing live in Amsterdam ❗️💋❤️💄 #amandalepore #internationalblondebombshell #milkshakefestival

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Supe@exited that these 2 broads from Berlin: Yvonne Nightstand & Chloe Waldorff @yvonnenightstand @chloewaldorf asked me to join: this is how we drag Galore!! Super lovely Queens i met last time I was in Berlin! So much talent…. Never enough alcohol 😂😂😂 see you at @milkshakefestival girls!! #nowwatchthemserve #milkshakefestival #thisishowwedraggalore #models

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The Dutch Waack/Vogue Scene

People have asked, in every country I visit,“ What is your favorite scene for Waacking & Vogue in the world?”. Every place has a completely different quality that adds value. However, I now have to reply,“The Dutch take the crown and the Tulip!" 

This scene was created by Patrick Karijowijojo (Vogue Icon, Judge of The Love Boat mini ball) and Amber "Ambiance” Vineyard (Dutch Legend, organizer, host, emcee and grand madam for The Love Boat mini ball) in the early 2000s, through workshops taught by themselves and other international Waack & Vogue celebrities visiting Europe.

Now, years later, the dance scene is on fire and full of passion. Both new and seasoned talent pepper the Dutch Waack & Vogue scene with strength, creativity, vulnerability, power, culture, hunger, self awareness and love!

If you want to attend dance events, parties, classes and balls with this community of artists you will surely find yourself in a whirlwind fairytale adventure.  An adventure you won’t want to come down from. The Dutch scene breathes dance as a source of inspiration and freedom. 

Patrick and Ambiance still continue to compete, create, teach and judge balls and events across the The Netherlands and Europe. None of the Dutch scene would have been made possible without the tireless efforts of the scene’s never ending “Ambiance”, the House of Vineyard

If you missed the love boat June 13th…

Don’t miss the House of Vineyard’s, “Welcome to the Jungle” July 25th!

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