I know I look sick. I know I have 50 shades of dark circles under my eyes. I know I gained some weight, my skin, mouth and hair are not so soft and pretty as it used to be some weeks ago. I accept all this. I am conscious this is part of being healed, side effects of all the medicines I had to take, of all the blood I lost.
What I will never accept is someone trying to make me feel bad about it, trying to make me feel bad about myself. I will be aggressive and I will punch your have if I have the opportunity.
And I also know my life will be just like it used to be in 4 weeks, so there is no bitch in this world can take me down.
Now I will have a chocolate milkshake because 1-I can, 2-I don’t live in a crazy protein diet and 3-the best milkshake chocolate in town in just one block from my home.