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I feel like asking you a silly question. In your opinion what do you think your boy DG's favorite musical would be?

@thebatmanfiles loves musicals so I asked her, and her first thought for Dick was

A lavishly produced and critically acclaimed screen adaptation of the international stage sensation tells the life-affirming story of Tevye (Topol), a poor milkman whose love, pride and faith help him face the oppression of turn-of-the century czarist Russia. 

a list of things that happened at the libertines gig (21/1/16)

-they where early! so early that they where there to watch the view
-we saw a silhouette of someone with a hat and lots of fluffy hair and we Knew
-carl was wearing a sweater at side of the stage and changed into his leather jacket and the horrible button t-shirt for the gig
-peter was wearing a suit and a pink tie
-john was wearing a red libs jacket he looked so cute!
-gary was wearing not much
-they opened with barbarians which was good
-from the new album they did barbarians, anthem, gunga din, fame & fortune, waterloo, belly of the beast, and milkman’s horse
-the camera-people for the background images where VERY focused on pete and carls faces
-at one point peter punched a drink off a speaker according to my sister
-before belly of the beast peter said ‘this is a little morality tale of a boy called git’
-p&c both handed down drinks to the audience
-they did that thing they do where they play right up against each other pushing each other around the stage
-they where all kinda :/ at one point because they didn’t think the crowd where enthusiastic, but then they did gunga din and p&c turned to each other abt haldway through and nodded and grinned because they could see how hard everyone went for it
-there was a piper at the start? who played flower of scotland? that was odd
-less mic-sharing that normal i think, but during what katie did carl held the mic so pete could share it right in front of the mic on petes stand like he does
-he also ran over to pete (who was actually using carls tiny mic) after a verse in one song to share for the chorus
-p&c both sang 'i’m still in love with you’ first time round in can’t stand me now
-carl totally got the piano wrong at the start of waterloo
-peter kept looking out at the audience with like. wonder? amazement? and when we where all screaming for him he was smiling and smiling
-peters hair is so long he really needs to cut it
-but he’s still beautiful
-pete threw his tie and plectrum, gary threw his drumsticks and got a chant
-john was eerily silent all night apart from his lines on the milkman’s horse and a bit of background singing
-it’s weird, i’m proud of them, but you could really tell that they aren’t a stadium band, they’re used to smaller crowds of obsessive fans, not so many people who are very casual, or just there bc it’s a night out
-anyway at the stage door peter made sure the security people opened the gates to let people take pictures
-my sister said that it was an amazing gig and he said 'yeah it was alright wasn’t it?’
-he made sure carl wrote down the lyrics for me and smiled when i called him 'peter’ rather than 'pete’ even though i shouted at him
-his voice is so gentle and soft
-okay i’m crying now i’m sorry if i’ve forgotten anything

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Name: Kyle

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When did you create your blog?: I had a ton of embarrasing shit with my old blog so I created a new one.

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