Happy National Candy Corn day! We crafted this pint just last year to honor the holiday. From Oct 2013, flavor #96, Candy Corn: candy corn ice cream

We did it. We’re doing it. In the name of Halloween indulgence, we’re ditching our au naturale vibe and going straight for candy. Candy corn, that is. This is straight up candy corn ice cream made with real candy corn. A childhood dream come true.


It’s the best month of the year!

August is my favorite because my birthday, and lazy days, and heat, and ice cream is back from milkmadeicecream! This month’s flavors are pretty incred so I suggest you watch and take notes. 

xo - Akilah

final flavor of the day: Chocolate Plus Plus
chocolate ice cream + chocolate chips + chocolate fudge ripple

C++. Get it? Our last custom flavor for Codeacademy, this may be our best chocolate to date. (No, actually, this still is).  Using Mast Brothers Dominican Republic we made a dense chocolate ice cream base + crunchy chocolate chips + chocolate fudge rippling throughout. Dang. It’s good. I mean just look at it! 


I won ice cream from Milkmade and it was nommy, y'all.

The making of flavor #87, Please, sir, I want s'more.

Here’s the latest edition of our S'More reconstructed. Last time we did a S'More flavor was exactly two years ago - June 2011 (image below). It was a graham ice cream with marshmallows and chocolate chips. This year it’s a chocolate ice cream with marshmallows and a graham crumble. And it’s awesome.

External image

milkmade flavor of the day: Follow Your Nose
Froot Loops infused ice cream with crunchy Froot Loop cereal and a berry swirl 

We’re still on the cereal for dessert craze. We originally thought Froot Loops would be a little much - that murky gray milk is a bit off-putting. But turns out it’s great, especially with the crunchy bits of cereal and the fresh berry swirl.

The only disconcerting thing was the byproduct of steeping the loops in the milk. Instead of dissolving, they oddly turned into these mini chewy loops, shown below.

External image