flavor of the month: Snick or Treat
snickerdoodle ice cream with soft-baked snickerdoodle cookies

Sugar and spice and everything nice is going into these pints. This is a cinnamon sugar snickerdoodle flavored ice cream, with chunks of soft-baked snickerdoodles in every bite. Get ready for our play by play of the making of Snick or Treat!


August’s Flavor of the Month #135, Sarsaparilla Sour 
sarsaparilla ice cream flavored with bitters and a dash of rye whiskey with chipped chocolate

Hot summer days just weren’t hot summer days without a trip to the corner A&W. A tall pour of root beer, a double scoop of vanilla ‘scream, a straw aaand a spoon and I was a happy girl. Twenty years later and not much has changed, but throw in some bitters for bite and a dash of rye, ya know, for fun.

It’s high time we announce our November flavors of the month! Considering they’re out and delivered, and it’s already almost December, oye!

First up, we have a sweet pint o ours, that certainly won’t last forever. It’s:

flavor # 118, November Rain
rose ice cream with a milk chocolate swirl

Rose ice cream. Milk chocolate swirl. ‘Nuff said. Grab a spoon, grab a couch, skip your record player to track 10 on Use Your Illusion I and sink into the epicness of this pint. Go!

The making of Flavor of the Month # 141, Cobbler Hill
cinnamon sugar ice cream with pumpkin cobbler

Step 1: First we make a cinnamon sugar spiced base. With plenty of sugar and spice. 

Step 2: Then we prep the pumpkin cobbler. Fresh sugar pumpkins that we scooped out one by one and baked. Plus that  oaty crumbly cobbler topping.

Step 3: Churn the ‘scream and add the cobbler right on top.

Step 4: Pack those pints (and milkmade minis!). We pack each pint by hand, ensuring each has the right proportion of cobbler : scream.

Spotlight on November’s Flavor of the Month #141, Cobbler Hill
cinnamon sugar ice cream with pumpkin cobbler

This goes out to our Brooklyn crew, our new neighborhood, Cobble Hill. Where the trees grow abundant, the bird’s song is audible, and people say hello to you on the street. This was a flavor experiment turned shop-staple, as the neighborhood fell in love with it. A deep cinnamon sugar ‘scream with a seasonal fruit cobbler; this month it’s spiced pumpkin. Of course it is.

THREE THINGS about Cobbler Hill:

  • “Cobble Hill. How about Cobbler Hill? Great name of an ice cream flavor.“ And so, it was. Truly, that’s what I thought while walking through the hood to the shop.  If you can’t yet tell, we LOVE the neighborhood. Come by, 204 sackett street in brooklyn.
  • Cobblers, crisps, grunts, and slumps. Betties and crumbles and buckles and grumps. Pandowdies, sonkers and, even, dumps! Seems like everyone has come up with their own name for this dish. We’ll stick with Cobbler. For now.
  • Disclaimer: we’ve served this in our shop before. With a different fruit cobbler for each batch (strawberry, blueberry, apple, huckleberry to name a few). While we don’t normally cross the lines, everyone loved it so much we had to share it with our Members.  Hope you love it too. 

The making of Flavor # 125, Five Dollar Toast
cinnamon toast ice cream with bits of cinnamon toast

Picking back up on our Five Dollar Toast – for this flavor we didn’t want to just add pieces of cinnamon toast into ice cream. We wanted the WHOLE PINT to taste like cinnamon toast. Well, that’s what we did! We soaked these fresh baked pieces of cinnamon toast in our cinnamon-sugar ice cream base. To get that extra toasty taste.

External image

Our second flavor of the month is a long lost love of New Yorkers that we want you to fall in love with all over again.

flavor #123, Brooklyn Ambrosia
charlotte russe reinvented: chantilly lace ice cream with chocolate chips and raspberry-rye jam soaked ladyfingers

It’s the Chalotte Russe, reinvited. Yeah you heard us right – Charlotte Russe is not just the favorite store of 12 year old us (second to Delia’s, of course). It’s a very elegant and intricate dessert that originated in France, and was once wildly popular in New York. So much so that it was sold on every street corner and garnered the name “Brooklyn Ambrosia”, or food for the gods. It’s made of layers of ladyfingers and berry compote, topped with chantilly lace.

REAL QUESTION: We want to make a cookie dough flavor unlike any cookie dough ice cream you’ve had before. So how about instead of just adding little chunks of cookie doughs to vanilla ‘scream, what about a pint where THE WHOLE THING tastes like cookie dough. Every bite. Cookie dough flavored ice cream with chocolate chips. Should we do it?


It’s the best month of the year!

August is my favorite because my birthday, and lazy days, and heat, and ice cream is back from milkmadeicecream! This month’s flavors are pretty incred so I suggest you watch and take notes. 

xo - Akilah